Candidate guidelines for the Clinical Competency Exam


Determination of a passing grade

Last revised: 10 Aug 2023

Each of the nine cases in the CCE are designed to assess specific competency areas and how a candidate applies those competencies in the context of the patient or scenario in each case. Each case assesses 10-14 competency criteria. These competencies include, but are not limited to, interpersonal skills, clinical management, ethics and communication. These competencies are drawn from the Fellowship of the RACGP Curriculum.

All candidates are presented with four case discussions and five clinical encounters. You don’t need to pass a minimum number of cases to achieve a pass in the CCE, nor are there specific stations that you must pass.

Candidates are scored by their examiners against a rubric unique to each case. The standard against which you’re assessed is that of a Fellow of the RACGP at the point of Fellowship; that you’re fit for unsupervised general practice anywhere within Australia.

A pass mark for each case is determined at the completion of the exam using a borderline regression method, an internationally recognised standard-setting methodology. The pass mark for the exam equals the sum of the pass marks for each individual case.

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