2019 MBS Item 715 health check resources

Important update

We have heard your feedback - RTF versions of the health check templates that are compatible with a range of clinical software programs are on their way. We are collaborating with a number of services to test getting these templates into practice from mid-April to mid-June.

Health check templates

With support from the Department of Health, NACCHO and RACGP established a working group in 2019 to review and update Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander annual health check templates. Throughout 2021 we will be testing these templates for operability in a range of services. We invite feedback on the templates and suggestions at aboriginalhealth@racgp.org.au.

A key recommendation was to update elements to better reflect age-appropriate health needs. This resulted in five new templates that span the life course:

  1. Infants and preschool (birth-5 years)  PDF 
  2. Primary school age (5-12 years) PDF 
  3. Adolescents and young people (12-24 years) PDF 
  4. Adults (25-49 years) PDF 
  5. Older people (50+ years) PDF 

These are example health check templates that include recommended core elements. The criteria for inclusion can be accessed here.

Adaptation of these templates to local needs and priorities is encouraged, with reference to current Australian preventive health guidelines that are culturally and clinically suitable to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander needs.

These templates are not intended to promote a tick box approach to healthcare, but rather to prompt clinicians to consider patient priorities, opportunities for preventive healthcare and common health needs.

As the Partnership Project continues, we are exploring opportunities for integration of health check activities into clinical software.

We are also interested to hear about your experiences of providing health checks via telehealth.

Contact aboriginalhealth@racgp.org.au to understand more or contribute your ideas and experiences.

Links to key resources that support a quality 715 health check

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