Clinical Competency Rubric

8. Procedural skills

Last revised: 04 Mar 2024

Appropriate procedures are those which are likely to be most beneficial to the individual’s health and wellbeing from a diagnostic and/or management perspective.

Assessment of the appropriate nature of procedures is inherently related to the practice setting, individual sociocultural context and consequent availability of access to more specialised services. Recommendations for procedures should consider the potential benefits, consider the evidence basis and the possible risks and costs in the context of any relevant sociocultural beliefs of the individual. The individual doctor should be able to demonstrate a range of procedures appropriate for general practice.

Consideration is given to the skills that need to be developed, with specific consideration of the local community or practice population needs.


  1. Demonstrates a wide range of procedural skills to a high standard and as appropriate to the community requirements
  2. Refers appropriately when a procedure is outside their level of competence

Performance lists

Criteria (competent at level of Fellowship) Performs consistently at the standard expected
  1. Demonstrates a wide range of procedural skills to a high standard and as appropriate to the community requirements
  • Competently selects the correct procedure based on the patient’s need and context
  • Safely performs the procedure using strict infection control standards
  • Obtains informed consent prior to undertaking the procedure
  • Documents informed consent for procedures
  • Accurately documents what took place during the procedure
  • After care is discussed and agreed with the patient
  1. Refers appropriately when a procedure is outside their level of competence
  • Recognises when unable to safely perform a procedure
  • Has referral pathways that enable referrals

Rural health context

  1. Identifies, cultivates and maintains skills relevant to the practice and specific to community needs
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