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Guidelines for remote supervision

Establishing a remote supervision placement

Last revised: 02 Aug 2023

Establishing a remote supervision placement

Establishing a remote supervision placement involves the assessment and selection of a training site, model of remote supervision and selection of the supervisor and registrar. The identification and selection of the right training location, a suitable registrar and an appropriate and effective supervisor are fundamental for a safe and successful remote supervision placement.

The selection of the training site, supervisor and registrar will be an iterative process and require communication between multiple stakeholders. Initial requests for selection could follow a registrar initiative regarding working in an area without current onsite supervision, a response to a need from a community, the identification of a site by the workforce planning team or from observations by the local RACGP team. Workforce planning and prioritisation and organisations’ workforce needs and training capacity reports are further sources of clarity on potential sites for remote supervision through the confirmation and prioritisation of areas of workforce need. As this information is overlaid with RACGP data on training sites and supervision, it may become apparent where remote supervision can/should be considered.

The RACGP’s remote supervision snapshot provides an overview of the process of establishing and managing an AGPT remote supervision placement. The process is not necessarily sequential, and some steps may occur in parallel.


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