Handbook for general practitioners

CPD Program requirements for the 2020–22 triennium

The minimum requirements for the 2020–22 triennium are 130 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) Program points (Figure 1).
Figure 1. CPD Program requirements for the 2020–22 triennium
Figure 1. CPD Program requirements for the 2020–22 triennium

The minimum 130 points must include the following mandatory activities:

  •  Two CPD Accredited Activities (formerly Category 1 activities) 
    • 40 CPD points per activity 
    • CPD Accredited Activities may be either provider-led or self-directed 
  • One basic life support (BLS) activity 
    • 5 CPD points 
      • Training must be a minimum of one hour in duration and include demonstration of competence in chest compressions and use of an automated external defibrillator 

The remaining points required may be accrued through your chosen learning. 
The new triennium commences on 1 January 2020 and concludes 31 December 2022. 
As a result of COVID-19 restrictions, demonstration of mouth-to-mouth breathing will not be required in 2020. 
Refer to the following RACGP webpages for more information: 

What is unchanged and what is new

Features unchanged

  • The CPD Program minimum requirements are unchanged from the previous triennium: 
    • 130 points required as minimum 
    • Two CPD Accredited Activities (formerly two Category 1 activities) 
    • Basic life support (BLS) training 
  • The points allocated to activities are unchanged, being either 40 points or 2 points per hour to a maximum of 30 points, depending upon the type of activity 
  • Activities are recorded and reported in points 

Features removed 

  • The requirement for one of your mandated activities to be a quality improvement (QI) activity 
  • The annual capping of points (20 points per triennium) of activities that are self recorded 
  • The complexity in the forms for self-recording activities

 Features introduced 

  • Ability to record a greater range of activities (related to clinical and non-clinical work) 
  • Ability to quickly self-record points 
  • Ability to access myCPD via desktop, mobile or tablet 
  • Revised education standards 
  • Activities have been renamed to: 
    • CPD Accredited Activity, previously Category 1
    • CPD Activity, previously Category 2 
  • Clearer explanation of what BLS includes (requirement itself is unchanged) 
  • Completion of a professional development plan is optional 
  • Informative categorisation into the following types of continuing professional development (CPD): 
    • Skills and knowledge 
    • Reviewing performance
    • Measuring outcomes
This event attracts CPD points and can be self recorded

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