Simple, flexible, accessible CPD


Simple, flexible, accessible CPD


CPD changes in 2023

The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) is changing what CPD looks like for GPs. As the CPD home for general practice, the RACGP has responded to create a simplified program for both GPs and CPD Providers.

As of 1 January 2023, GPs will need to log 50 CPD hours every year, complete a professional development plan and refresh their skills with one CPR course in the triennium.

Partners in CPD delivery

We know our members value their access to the largest range of educational resources through our network of over 490 CPD Providers.

Our current CPD Providers have delivered more than 6,000 individual activities with more than 357,000 GP attendances over the last 3 years. Now, more than ever, GPs need access to relevant education and activities that can be easily recorded to help them meet their CPD requirements.

Current CPD Providers: What is changing for you?
CPD at its core remains the same, but some terminology is changing across the program and you will need to reflect these changes in your own products.

Current triennium New triennium
CPD Accredited Activity and CPD Activity All activities are called RACGP CPD Approved Activities that are mapped to the three new activity types aligning with the MBA:
  • Educational Activities
  • Measuring Outcomes
  • Reviewing Performance
Points system Hours system
CPD Education Standards RACGP CPD Standards. Comprising of the:
  • RACGP CPD Activity Standards
  • RACGP CPD Provider Standards
Education Activity Representative (EAR) CPD Representative

We are here to guide you through this transition
We know that this is a big change for our members, and it will impact our providers too. Your local CPD support team is here to help you navigate through these changes. We are simplifying our program to enable a smooth transition to the new triennium. Some of the improvements and resources include:

  • practical definitions and examples
  • simplified forms and templates​
  • best practice mapping exemplars​
  • CPD Representative training, refresher webinars and networking opportunities
  • flexible systems​
  • quality assurance opportunities, and
  • expert advice and personalised support​ from your local CPD team.

New CPD Providers: Working with our partners

While the RACGP is the CPD home for Australia’s GPs, it’s our network of CPD providers who help bring our program to life.

By being a CPD Provider with the RACGP, you can unlock a wide range of benefits including:

  • access to RACGP’s 40,000 members and promotion of your activities via our myCPD dashboard
  • use of the well-recognised and valued RACGP CPD approved activity logo
  • CPD Representative training
  • support from dedicated CPD staff members
  • access to RACGP CPD resources, materials, and refresher training
  • exposure to our networking forum of hundreds of CPD Representatives.

To express your interest in becoming a CPD Provider in 2023 contact your local RACGP state office.

Provider logos

The RACGP CPD Provider and activity logos continue to represent quality education that meets the RACGP CPD Standards and is preferred by our members.
Branding kits will be made available to CPD providers closer to the start of the new triennium. The hours within the logo can be adjusted to meet your activities needs.

CPD Provider logo

CPD approved activity logo

CPD approved activity logo –with editable hours

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