Frequently asked questions
for GPs


Frequently asked questions
for GPs


The changes

The Medical Board of Australia (MBA) has introduced the new CPD registration standard that has four main changes for CPD:  

  1. The introduction of CPD homes  
  2. The introduction of professional development plans (PDPs) for all doctors  
  3. A requirement for doctors to do different types of CPD to improve the value of their professional development. 
  4. A requirement for doctors to do 50 hours of CPD each year. 

To fulfil the minimum CPD requirements as set out by the MBA, you must:  

  • participate in a program of an approved CPD home such as the RACGP accredited by the Australian Medical Council (AMC) 
  • develop an annual professional development plan (PDP) 
  • complete a minimum of 50 hours per year in the following types of CPD activities:  
    • at least 12.5 hours of educational activities  
    • at least 25 hours of activities focused on reviewing performance and measuring outcomes, with a minimum of five hours for each activity type  
    • the remaining 12.5 hours of your choice across the three types of CPD.  

Beyond this, the RACGP has its own high-level requirement and asks you to also complete a cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) course once every three years.  

The RACGP has aligned the titles of the CPD activity types with the new MBA terminology and they are:
  • Educational activities
  • Measuring outcomes
  • Reviewing performance 
Activities that expand your General Practice knowledge, skills and attitudes, related to your scope of practice. These activities will be very familiar and include learning opportunities like lectures, webinars, workshops, reading, podcasts and courses. 
Activities that use your work data to ensure quality results. When measuring outcomes, you use data from your work to show you’re aware of current evidence and best practice in a particular area. You could achieve this by conducting activities like research, audits or evaluations. This type of learning can help you achieve high-quality performance in your scope of practice.  

Activities that require reflection on feedback about your work. Feedback might be from patients, peers or even from yourself. In each of these situations, you’ll receive information about your performance that can either validate what you already do or identify areas for improvement. Meaningful reflection on this information is where the learning occurs and can result in improved capability in your scope of practice.  


The MBA wants to ensure you’re engaging in learning that’s relevant, effective and evidence-based.
The three main changes to CPD have three clear outcomes:
  1. CPD homes for all – for quality assurance
  2. Professional development plans for all – for CPD with purpose
  3. Different types of CPD – for CPD with value

Find out more


The new CPD registration standard will come into effect on 1 January 2023.
If you are an RACGP member you have free access to the CPD program as part of your membership. If you would like to become a member and make the RACGP your CPD Home, visit our website today or contact our Member Services team at 1800 472 247 or 
Specialist medical colleges like the RACGP set high-level requirements suitable for medical practitioners in their scope of practice. You need to meet these requirements in addition to the minimum annual requirements set by the MBA. 

The high-level requirement for general practice as stipulated by the RACGP is to complete a CPR course (Provide CPR HLTAID009) during the triennium. The RACGP will also accept other courses that meet the requirements of HLTAID009 such as basic life support (BLS) and advanced life support courses, which include CPR. 

The basics

The 2023–25 triennium begins on 1 January 2023 and ends on 31 December 2025.
This new CPD standard applies to all registered medical practitioners effective 1 January 2023, with the following exceptions: 
  • Medical students 
  • Interns in accredited intern training programs and doctors in postgraduate year-two positions participating in a structured program that leads to a certificate of completion 
  • Medical practitioners who have limited registration in the public interest or limited registration for teaching or research (to demonstrate a procedure or participate in a workshop) and who have been granted registration for no more than four weeks 
  • Medical practitioners who are granted an exemption or variation from this standard by their CPD home in relation to continuous absence from practice of at least six months and up to and including 12 months for parental or carer leave, serious illness or other approved circumstances 
  • Medical practitioners with non-practising registration. 
A CPD home is an organisation accredited by the Medical Board of Australia’s (MBA) accreditation authority, the Australian Medical Council (AMC), to provide a CPD program for medical practitioners.
This could be an education provider, an organisation with primary educational purpose, or an organisation with a primary purpose other than education.
A CPD home must: 
  • provide infrastructure to house medical practitioners’ CPD program/s 
  • publish details of requirements, content/activities and fees associated with the provision of its CPD program/s 
  • ensure the relevance and developmental value of its CPD activities 
  • provide advice and support to practitioners on CPD requirements and relevant CPD activities 
  • report to the MBA on compliance with CPD requirements 
  • be accredited by the AMC and report on compliance within the accreditation criteria 

A CPD home may also generate CPD activity content. To fulfil the MBA’s CPD minimum standard, you need to participate in a program run by an approved CPD home accredited by the AMC.

The RACGP is a CPD home with extensive experience in providing up to date, evidence based, professional development opportunities for GPs and those training to become GPs. As a CPD home, we will offer CPD home services to any medical practitioner not undertaking specialist training with another college, seeking quality education that is evidence based and backed by experience.
A professional development plan (PDP) is a plan covering your learning goals relevant to your current and intended scope of practice. It also outlines how you plan to achieve the goals. It includes self-evaluation of your goals and achievements from the previous CPD cycle and CPD activities you’ve planned to achieve your goals for the coming year. 

The RACGP is working on making it easy for you to complete your PDP through a guided process on your myCPD dashboard. We will let you know when this is available.
The new MBA standard requires all registered doctors to complete a PDP every year. 

Your annual PDP will help you reflect on your unique learning needs and tailor your future professional development to optimise patient care. Developing a plan will help you think about your goals, plan your learning and review what you learned in the previous year, in order to plan for the coming year.
You have to develop and complete a PDP once a year, but the process of reflection and learning is ongoing. The RACGP is creating a simple tool on the myCPD Dashboard to make the process easy for you. 
CPD is recognised in many forms, and some of what you do in your everyday practice will contribute to your CPD hours. Check out the types of activities that may be recognised as CPD

Any CPD you do with the RACGP or with our network of CPD providers will be automatically logged on your myCPD dashboard. And you’ll be able to quickly and easily record any other CPD activities using the Quick Log function.
The RACGP high-level requirement is set to a triennium. It needs to be completed once in the triennium. The MBA requirements are annual and would have to be completed annually.
You must meet the MBA requirements on an annual basis.

The RACGP’s cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) requirement is a high-level requirement, and you have three years to complete that. 
All requirements for the 2020–22 triennium must be completed by 31 December 2022. 

The details

Yes, the CPD provider network will continue to develop and run activities under the three MBA CPD activity types. Your hours will be uploaded to your myCPD dashboard automatically as in previous triennia.
Yes, you can use the Quick Log function on your myCPD dashboard to record any education that you do and find educationally valuable to your scope of practice. Quick Log lets you easily upload documents relevant to your CPD activities for safekeeping so your CPD can be tracked and is clearly documented in case of an audit. 
CPD homes are required to have an audit system in place to review the quality of activity submissions. The MBA requires that CPD homes audit 5% of its CPD activities. The frequency and volume of checks are yet to be determined.
CPD Homes are required to provide a report to the MBA within six months of year’s end on the compliance of participants with their CPD program.
The MBA requires all doctors on the medical register to complete the CPD requirements relevant to their registration type, regardless of whether you’re practising full-time or part-time. 
Some GPs have requirements for other colleges or similar groups to maintain recognition of particular skills or qualifications. The details for these areas are under review but we will let you know if there are any changes.

We’ll update the RACGP website regularly with information about the 2023–25 CPD triennium. You can also contact the RACGP’s CPD team on 03 8699 0349 or   

All RACGP state/territory faculties have a local CPD team who can help with your specific queries. You can find the contact details for each team here.