Frequently asked questions

You must be an RACGP member to access the program, you can sign up to become a member via our website or contact our membership services team 1800 472 247 RACGP or racgp@racgp.org.au.

The 2020-22 triennium officially starts on 1 January 2020 and ends on 31 December 2022.

The 2020-22 triennium requirements are: Accomplishment of 130 points including:

  • 2 x Accredited activities (formerly known as Category 1 Activities)
  • 1 x Basic Life Support (BLS) / Cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR)

The 2020-22 Continuing Professional Development (CPD) triennium has undergone necessary changes and enhancements from collaborative consultation with general practitioners (GPs) and CPD Education Providers.

RACGP is committed to ensure that the 2020-22 triennium works for everyone – our members and providers alike. The 2020-22 CPD triennium is simpler, stronger and seamless.

Recording of your CPD activities is an easy process using MyCPD dashboard.The type of CPD activities has been broadened to recognise what GPs do in their everyday professional practice.

There is no points cap on activities that you self-record.

An improved search function will make finding relevant activities that are personalised for you easier, and save you time. A new easy to use App to support your learning will be launched in early 2020.

The RACGP has introduced new CPD Education Standards as a basis for strengthening the educational rigour of CPD. Activities are developed against these standards and approved prior to advertising or attendance. These activities are classed as CPD Accredited Activities. A CPD Accredited Activity is an assurance of educational rigour and integrity. The overall upshot is stronger and more valuable education due to better focus on the quality of education programs and a wider range of activities, better suited to the needs of our GPs and their patients.

The transition to the new 2020-22 triennium will be seamless for GPs with minimal changes to CPD point requirements and the introduction of new processes and technology to remove barriers to engagement and enhance the experience.

The following are some items worth noting as the beginning of a seamless transition to the new triennium, and particularly with the Medical Board of Australia’s planned changes to CPD: 

  • The mandatory minimum requirements have not changed.
  • The CPD points allocation system for activities has not changed, with the exception that there is no cap on points for GP self-recorded activities. 
  • Using the MyCPD dashboard is a seamless and easy process. 

The introduction of a MyCPD app will provide a seamless link to the desktop dashboard.

The PLAN format has ceased as at end of 2019 and is not a mandatory requirement.

An easy to use form (PDP or professional development plan), has been introduced as an adjunct to career and professional development planning.

The use of this tool for planning, recording activities and reflection is now optional.

More information will be provided to members in 2020 once the new triennium commences

What will now constitute as a CPD Accredited Activity for the 2020-22 triennium is not the same as a former Category 1 Activity and therefore the naming of these activities has been amended accordingly and in recognition of the difference. 

The key variances are in the approval process and in the criteria against which the activities are developed.

All CPD Accredited Activities are individually reviewed and accredited by the RACGP to ensure each activity meets the new CPD Education Standards. A CPD Accredited Activity is an assurance of educational rigour and integrity.

CPD Activities are required to meet the same CPD Education Standards.  The difference is that these activities are self-approved by the provider and the RACGP conducts random audits of these activities to assure their ongoing quality to expected standards.

All CPD Accredited Activities are assured for educational quality by the RACGP and the learning outcomes are intended to extend the GPs knowledge and skill or provide new knowledge. CPD activities are self-approved by the CPD Education Provider and the activities reinforce or update knowledge or skills for GP’s.

CPD Accredited Activities will be allocated 40 points and CPD Activities are allocated 2 points per hour (up to 30 points).

You can access all self-directed activity by logging into the MyCPD dashboard.  You have two options for recording your CPD activity:

  1. A log function to quickly record CPD; no forms required
  2. For recognition of CPD Accredited Activity (40 pts) a simple form will be required to be completed and submitted.

All requirements for the current 2017-19 triennium need to be completed by 31 December 2019.

In recognition of the achievement of Fellowship, New Fellows are automatically awarded 150 CPD points, which fulfils their minimum requirement for the 2020–22 triennium. New fellow can still continue to undertake CPD activities and log them in their myCPD dashboard throughout the triennium.

The RACGP website will be regularly updated with information about the 2020-22 triennium.  You may also contact the RACGP national office on (03) 8699 0349 or a dedicated email cpd.national@racgp.org.au

All RACGP state offices also have a local CPD team who will be able to assist with your specific queries. The contact details of the state offices for CPD related matters are available on the RACGP website via this link: