PESCI - Applicant technical guide

Technical requirements

Last revised: 04 Aug 2023

Technical requirements

This section outlines the computer and peripheral requirements for using Zoom to participate in the interview. Please note that these are guidelines only and you should test your equipment thoroughly before the interview to ensure functionality.

You will need a laptop or desktop computer with webcam and audio (speaker and microphone). It is also recommended that you use the largest computer screen you have available to allow clear viewing of reading material.

You can use either an in-built webcam or an external camera. Most are supported by Zoom. We recommend a camera with a resolution of 640 × 480 pixels or more. Prior to the interview, test your resolution by visiting

Use of a headset designed for videoconferencing or gaming (as pictured) is strongly recommended. A microphone and speakers are a fundamental requirement for the interview. Please review the Zoom guide to test your audio equipment.

Headset Illustration


The following devices currently do not have the required Zoom functionality for the interview:

  • Surface pro, mobile phones or any other tablet device
  • Chromebooks
  • Any device that runs on Chrome OS


To ensure your system is working with Zoom, join a test meeting. It is recommended that you conduct multiple testing sessions prior to the day of the interview. If you are having issues, a troubleshooting guide is available on the Zoom website.

System requirements

The Zoom system requirements are documented on the Zoom website and should be considered the definitive guide for operating system and hardware support. While this guide covers multiple platforms and operating systems, the RACGP recommends that only Windows 10 or macOS are used for completing the interview.

Any system purchased in the past four years will have adequate processing capacity to run Zoom. If your system is older than 2017, please ensure you do sufficient testing and/or consider upgrading your equipment if an alternative system, such as in your professional work setting, cannot be used. The use of alternate operating systems, such as Linux, are discouraged as they are unlikely to provide the Zoom functionality required for the interview.

Please note hardware platforms, such as a mobile phones or tablets, do not have the required Zoom functionality for the interview and cannot be used.

Zoom app (desktop application or client)

The Zoom app must be installed on your computer. Please download the appropriate package from Zoom. If you already use Zoom with an existing account, please make sure your version is the most up to date available.

Link for Windows 10 client:

Link to instructions to install on Mac: https:// How-To-Install-on-Mac


While Zoom can run on lower speeds, 3.0 Mbps (up/down) is the recommended free bandwidth for an optimal interview experience. Importantly, the internet connection must be stable. Visit Ookla to conduct a speed test on your network.

Your device may connect over Wi-Fi to your internet provider; however, we recommend the use of a hard-wired internet feed if possible, such as NBN/ cable/DSL, etc. 5G/4G wireless internet might be satisfactory, but this should be your back-up solution and only be used if your regular Wi-Fi or cable connection fails. 5G/4G mobile networks might not be as stable.


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