Program fees and charges – Standard Stream

The PEP is co-funded by the Commonwealth Government under the Australian Government's Stronger Rural Health Strategy for Doctors based in MMM2 to MMM7 areas. 

The PEP Standard Stream fees are summarised below:

PEP Standard Stream


PEP Entry Assessment (PEPEA) $725.00
Co-funded Term fee (6 months) $2,000.00
RACGP Membership fee (Registrar) 1 July 2021 – 30 June 2022 (pro-rata) $474.00
PEP Exam Preparation (PEPExP) course fee $1990.00
PEP Exam Preparation (PEPExP) course fee $1990.00
Post-education fees
Post-education component Not applicable to financial year 2023-2024
Change in circumstance application (to change training site/location) $200.00 per Change in Circumstance application

After completion of the PEP, you will encounter fees related to the RACGP Fellowship Exams. See the RACGP Exam fees and dates for more specific information.

Post-education component fees

Post-education is the stage that starts once you finish your allocated training program time and ends at the time you attain Fellowship.

The post-education component of the PEP gives you time to fulfil Fellowship requirements, including accruing sufficient general practice experience as assessed by the Assessment of General Practice Experience Policy and completing Fellowship exams. It’s a maximum of three years following the education component, and it ends when you achieve Fellowship of the RACGP; enter another RACGP Fellowship program (such as AGPT); or withdraw from your Fellowship program, voluntarily or involuntarily.
What does the post-education fee cover?

The post-education fee covers:

  • Program administration and IT infrastructure
  • Management of Medicare provider numbers
  • Monitoring exam eligibility and progress.

What is not covered by the fee:

  • attendance at optional paid exam preparation courses and workshops
  • travel, accommodation, and additional expenses that you may incur in the course of training
  • General Practice Experience Assessments
  • enrolment in Fellowship exams
  • application for RACGP Fellowship
  • remediation, if required.

Is the change training site/location fee specific to the post-education phase?

Yes. Rather than apply an increase to the annual fee for all applicants in post-education, a fee specifically for those who need to change practices after their education program period has been made to cover the administration costs of this process.