First Do No Harm: a guide to choosing wisely in general practice

About First Do No Harm

Traffic light system

Traffic light system

The GP information in First do no harm highlights the most important actions to consider through a ‘traffic light’ system at the top of the page. The main actions on a clinical topic can be easily found during a patient consultation. Further context and extra reading, if required, can be found below the traffic lights within the topic overview.

The information within the traffic lights should be considered at practice point level. 

RED – Do not take this action

Circumstances where a screen/test/intervention does not have evidence of benefit and/or may even cause harm to a patient are highlighted under the red traffic light.

ORANGE – Under the specified circumstances, take this action

Not everything in medicine is black and white. Circumstances where the screen/test/intervention may be appropriate are highlighted under the orange traffic light. 

GREEN – Take this action

While it is important to know what screen/test/interventions to not use, it is also important to know what you can do to help your patient. These actions are highlighted under the green traffic light.

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