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Alcohol & Other Drugs

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Access AOD training  AOD resource list  Final Program Report 
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The tools and resources on this website were developed as part of the RACGP Alcohol and Other Drugs (AOD) GP Education Program. They were designed to help you address the challenges you face each day with patients who use alcohol and other drugs. These resources include clinical approaches, patient handouts and case scenarios. Search the AOD Resource list at the bottom of each page to find resources on specific topics.

Program Background

The RACGP AOD GP Education Program (the Program) was developed to strengthen GP capacity to address alcohol and drug use in the community setting. It was developed by GPs, for GPs.

The Program ran between 2020 – 2022 and was funded by the Australian Government. It was developed as a skills-based education program based on a whole person-centred care approach. This approach draws on every GP’s existing strength and experience in chronic disease management and considers the physical, psychological, and social health factors of each patient. The Program also included a ‘how to’ of harm minimisation and longer-term management and support of patients in the context of their substance use.

Developed for RACGP members, the Program was structured around five main training pathways, offering a range of training levels and modes of delivery.

  • Essential Skills, Treatment Skills and Advanced skills Training offered an increasing level of AOD training complexity depending on your level of need or skill.

  • AOD Connect: Project ECHO is an AOD case discussion forum where you can connect with colleagues, practice your skills, discuss cases, and seek support from your peers and AOD experts, via an online community-of-practice format.

  • Higher Risk Groups provides training around common factors that may lead to increased risk of harms associated with a patient’s substance use.

A copy of the AOD GP Education Program Final report is now available for download.

Acknowledgements, Supporters and Partners

The RACGP AOD GP Education Program was fully funded by the Australian Government.

The RACGP AOD GP Education Program acknowledges contributions and support from the following people and organisations:
  • The RACGP AOD Program Reference Group
  • RACGP AOD Program presenters and facilitators for AOD Live, AOD Connect Project ECHO, webinar panellists and course contributors
  • RACGP Addiction Medicine Specific Interest Network
  • ACON
  • Clean Slate
  • Insight QLD
  • Children's Health Queensland
  • NextStep WA
  • NSW Users and AIDS Association (NUAA)
  • Primary Health Networks (PHNs)
  • Turning Point
  • University of Adelaide, ASSIST Group
  • University of NSW Alcohol Treatment Guidelines Working Group

Access AOD training  AOD resource list 

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