Handbook for general practitioners

Options for recording your CPD points

Automatic upload of CPD points by education providers 

Upon completion of any provider-led CPD education activity, within four weeks the education provider must upload your attendance for allocation of your points, after which the points will appear on your CPD statement. 

Process for submitting self-directed CPD Accredited Activity 

Use the Log > Log CPD Accredited Activity on the myCPD dashboard to access the relevant form. Complete and submit the form which will be automatically approved for 40 CPD Accredited Activity points, unless it is flagged for a specific requirement or for Rural Procedural Grants Program eligibility, in which case it will be reviewed and approved by an RACGP State Program Coordinator within four weeks. 

Process for logging of CPD Activity

Use the log function on your myCPD dashboard to self-record CPD Activities quickly and easily (30 minutes of a CPD Activity = 1 CPD point). Points will appear within 24 hours.


This event attracts CPD points and can be self recorded

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