WA Council

About this council

The WA Faculty Council comprises dedicated and committed professionals who contribute to Faculty policy and advocate on behalf of the profession.

Office bearers


Dr Sean Stevens


Dr Andrew Png

Deputy Chair

Dr Mary Wyatt

Deputy Chair

A/Prof Frank Jones


Dr Helen Wilcox

State Censor

Dr Jack Christodulou

Assessment Panel Chair

Dr Mariam Bahemia

WA Education Committee Chair

General members

Dr Francis Akinyemi

Dr Cory Lei

Dr Colleen Bradford

Dr Lewis MacKinnon

Dr Mike Civil

Dr Peter Maguire

Dr Russell Fayers

Dr Jonathan Mortimer

Dr Tim Koh

Dr Robert Paul

Dr Alan Leeb

Dr James Quirke

Dr Jagadish ‘Jags’ Krishnan

Dr Peter Winterton AM (Archivist)

Co-opted members

Dr Catherine Engelke

Dr Simon Torvaldsen

Ms Madeleine Gryta

Dr Ramya Raman

Dr Damien Zilm

Dr Wendy Sexton


(08) 9489 9555