Rural GP in Training of the Year award

About the Rural GP in Training of the Year award

The Rural GP in Training of the Year award recognises an exceptional registrar who demonstrates a commitment to improve the health and wellbeing of communities in rural or remote Australia.

A nominee must be a general practice registrar who is currently enrolled in the Fellowship in Advanced Rural General Practice (FARGP) through a Training Organisation (RTO/RVTS).

Each nomination is judged on the following criteria:

  • demonstrated commitment to rural general practice
  • demonstrated commitment to learning and developing as a rural GP
  • evidence of service to rural patients
  • evidence of commitment and service to the rural practice in which they work
  • evidence of service to the rural community in which they practice or have practised.

The Rural GP in Training of the Year award includes:

  • registration to attend the College's annual conference
  • presentation of a commemorative trophy at the RACGP Rural annual member event.

Nomination process

Nominees for the Rural GP in Training of the Year Award must have two nominators (one nominator and one seconder), one of whom must be a Training Organisation staff member (RTO/RVTS). The other nominator can be a general practice supervisor, a medical educator or an RACGP member.

Nominations for the 2020 RACGP Rural Awards are now closed.

2020 award winner

Dr Emma Thompson
Dr Emma Thompson

Dr Emma Thompson was one of the first GP registrars in the Shoalhaven area to complete Palliative Care Advanced Rural Skills Training at David Berry Hospital through the Rural Generalist Program. She also attained her Clinical Diploma in Palliative Care that year. Emma is working towards attainment of her FARGP with GP Synergy. She is currently completing her Extended Skills term working across two practices (MMM4 classification). Emma is also working at Milton Ulladulla Hospital where she was appointed to a GP VMO position prior to obtaining Fellowship, a now unusual situation that reflects her abilities and commitment to rural general practice.

Being located within one of the hardest hit areas during the devastating 2019/2020 bushfire season, Emma's commitment was tested further as she tirelessly worked to support the community. During this time she spent days 'stranded' in Milton unable to return to her family due to road closures.

Emma services her patients at every touch point on their health care journey - whether it be in one of the GP practices she is training in, inpatients at the Milton Ulladulla Hospital, palliative care patients in their own home, or patients in residential aged care - Emma ensures the highest level of dedication and care.

Emma's commitment goes beyond servicing her community as she is truly a part of her rural community.

Past award recipients

2020 Dr Emma Thompson

2019 Dr Jerry Abraham Alex

2018 Dr Kate Fox

2017 Dr Cassie Rickard

2016 Dr Fintan Andrews

2015 Dr Hannah Visser

2014 Dr Sam Gubicak

2013 Dr David Chessor

2012 Dr Angus McDonnell

2011 Dr Medhi Sanati Pour

2010 Dr Aileen Traves and Dr Nicola Patching

2009 Dr Sarah-Jane McEwan

2008 Dr Ingeborg Shea

2007 Dr Clare Willix

2006 Dr Jennifer Allen

2005 Dr Vicki Westoby


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