Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Board

About this board

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Board promotes the interests of the faculty to Council and other organisations.

Board Members

Associate Professor Peter O'Mara


Dr Angela Forrest

Co-Deputy Chair & Tasmania Representative  

Dr Karen Nicholls

Co-Deputy Chair & Torres Strait Islander Representative 

Associate Professor Brad Murphy

Honorary Faculty Provost 

Dr Hung The Nguyen

Faculty Censor

Dr Deep Joseph 

 Victoria Representative 

Dr Olivia O’Donoghue

Northern Territory Representative

Dr Catherine Brooker

Western Australia Representative

Dr Kali Hayward

South Australia Representative 

Dr Anita Watts

New South Wales & Australian Capital Territory Representative 

Dr Danielle Arabena

Queenland Representative

Professor Jenny Reath

Co-opted Member

Dr Dawn Casey

NACCHO Representative 


AIDA Representative

Dr Simone Raye

Chair, Indigenous General Practice Registrar Network  

Mr Alan Brown

Community Representative 

Ms Ada Parry

Community Representative 

Mr Lucas Booth 

Student Representative



For further information, please contact the Faculty on:

1800 000 251


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