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What is a policy?

A policy is a statement of beliefs, goals, objectives, and recommendations on a specific subject area.

RACGP policies can be broadly categorised into four primary areas:

  • Policy advocating for quality primary health care and general practice (Health Systems and Environmental Policy)
  • Policy providing general practitioner guidance for clinical practice and practice management (Clinical and Practice Management Policy)
  • Policy directly relating to RACGP governance operational and business processes (Organisational Policy)
  • Policy governing educational, assessment, membership and fellowship matters (Educational and Membership Policy)

Policies can flag the organisation's position and provide a framework to guide strategy development and external advocacy.

Types of RACGP policies include:

  • Position declarations – concise statements that declare the RACGP's position on a particular issue broadly, or alternatively in response to current and emerging issues
  • Policy statements – papers that provide details of the RACGP's position and recommendations regarding a particular issue, and include details regarding the aims, background, principles underpinning the policy, and specific issues addressed
  • Discussion papers – papers that have been developed by the RACGP to engage and obtain input from members and stakeholders regarding a specific issue. Discussion papers will often be developed into policy statements following consultation.