Environmental and social statement

1. Environmental and social statement policy

1.1 Policy number: CO-O-070.1

1.2 Category: Organisational

1.3 Approval date: February 2019

1.4 Revision due: February 2020

1.5 Unit responsible: Office of the President and CEO

2. Policy declaration

This document is the Environmental and Social Statement (ESS) for the RACGP describing the RACGP’s philosophy on key environmental and social matters.

3. Purpose

This Environmental and Social Statement outlines material Environmental and Social factors that the RACGP consider relevant in the operation of the RACGP. The RACGP recognises that members of the College have similar responsibilities that may be enacted through policies and procedures deployed in their Practice settings. For the purpose of the RACGP ESS, material factors are defined as environmental, health, safety, and social issues.

4. Identification of environmental and social statement factors

The RACGP will progressively review and introduce appropriate programs and initiatives to ensure consistency and support the ESS. Members and staff of the RACGP are encouraged to take into consideration the following factors impacting on Environmental and Social matters:


  • Climate change and related risks around fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gases
  • Toxic releases and waste
  • Sustainability of natural resources, for example water
  • Emerging markets for the use of environmental services and environment friendly products.


  • Workplace health and safety
    • Bullying & Harassment
    • Equal Employment Opportunity including Equity and Diversity in the Workplace
    • Health & Wellbeing
  • Community relations
  • Human rights issues at company and suppliers/contractors premises
  • Government and community relations for operations in developing countries
  • Bribery, fraud and corruption.

5. Review

The FARM Committee will review this Policy at least once in every three years and recommend any changes to Board for endorsement.