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RACGP’s Vision for general practice and a sustainable healthcare system

Australia’s health system faces a range of pressures: an ageing population, an increase in chronic and complex diseases and increasing costs for patients, providers and governments.

To address these pressures, the RACGP developed its Vision for general practice and a sustainable healthcare system (the Vision) which was released on 21 September 2015 at the RACGP’s annual conference GP 15.  

Developed within context of the broader healthcare system, we envisage the Vision will be a catalyst for change. We propose a major overhaul of the current funding system to better support the delivery of quality, sustainable and effective patient healthcare, designed to meet the needs to patients, GPs and governments. The Vision is based on the patient-centred medical home model and is informed by RACGP’s definition of quality general practice.

The Vision forms the basis of the RACGP’s ongoing advocacy strategy for the delivery of quality community based healthcare.

We received feedback from over 1,000 GPs, stakeholders and consumer groups during consultation periods leading up to the finalisation of the Vision. We thank the individuals and organisations for their  valuable contribution to the Vision during the consultation process.   

We invite you to email any further thoughts and questions on the Vision to