The Vision

The Vision for general practice and a sustainable healthcare system

The Vision demonstrates how a well-supported general practice team can deliver sustainable, equitable, high-value healthcare, benefiting patients, providers and funders. It is centred on evidence- and experience-based recommendations regarding how the entire system can be improve
It is widely recognised that general practice is the most efficient part of the healthcare system. The Vision therefore sees that a well-resourced general practice sector is essential to addressing the existing and future challenges facing patients, funders and providers.

The Vision identifies how better use of and support for general practice will bring about significant savings for the wider system by reducing the need for expensive secondary care. It also outlines how enhancing support for general practice can boost the overall productivity of the nation by ensuring Australians stay healthy and are able to fully participate in society and the workforce. The Vision therefore has a focus on restructuring existing supports for the sector.

The Vision is underpinned by six core features of high-performing general practice:


Patient-centred    Patient centered


Comprehensive    Comprehensive


High Quality


As well as identifying the features that underpin a high-performing system, the Vision also identifies how these features can be actioned and supported through restructuring existing funding by:

  1. improvements to existing general practice services
  2. introducing innovative models of care

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