The Vision for general practice

Last revised: 21 Oct 2019


The Vision for general practice and a sustainable healthcare system (the Vision) is a framework for excellence in healthcare and provides the solution to address a range of issues and pressures currently facing the Australian healthcare system. The Vision demonstrates how a well-supported general practice team can deliver sustainable,* equitable, high-value healthcare, benefiting patients, providers and funders. It is centred on evidence and experience-based recommendations regarding how the entire system can be improved.

The Vision has been developed by specialist general practitioners (GPs). As GPs, we interact with over 400,000 patients every day. With the assistance of our practice team, we provide more than 420,000 services to patients in Australia every day.1 Due to our unique role in connecting health services and by virtue of the scope of practice of our profession, we know where the system is working well and where it is failing.

* For the purpose of this document, ‘sustainability’ refers to business sustainability and the ability for general practices to maintain viable practices and continue providing high-quality care to their patients.