Guide for the use of social media

Supporting safe and professional social media usage

Guide for the use of social media in general practice
The RACGP recognises that GPs and general practice staff have embraced social media at a rapid rate, and guidance around safe and professional usage within general practice is necessary.

While there are benefits, there are also potential risks associated with GPs and general practice staff participating in social media. Professional and safe conduct online is paramount.

This guide is aimed at general practices that are new to social media, but is also beneficial to those already using it.

During the development of this guide, the RACGP consulted a range of GPs, practice managers, consumer representatives and medico-legal organisations to provide the most up-to-date advice to general practice on the use of social media.

This guide provides recommendations regarding the use of the more popular social media platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and blogs. The advice in the guide can also apply to other social media platforms.


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Case study

The Elms Family Medical Centre Facebook page

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