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Improving education outcomes through evidence-based research The Education Research Grant (ERG) program aims to continue building research capacity in medical education and training for general practice with a specific focus on education improvement. The overarching objective is to develop evidence-based education initiatives that increase training capacity and improve educational outcomes in Australian general practice training.

2023 ERG program

The RACGP is pleased to announce the four successful ERG research teams in the 2023 ERG round who were awarded grants via a competitive process. Successful awardees will undertake research projects aiming to address important national and regional educational questions to improve general practice medical education and training, over a period of 12 months from 17 April 2023 to 16 April 2024.

Successful 2023 ERG Research projects:

Project title: Informing stronger integration across all sectors of the GP education and training pipeline
Lead Researcher: A/Prof Matthew McGrail
Research team members: Dr Tiana Gurney, Prof Katharine Wallis, A/Prof Riitta Partanen, Dr Rory Melville, A/Prof Srinivas Kondalsamy-Chennakesavan, Dr Priya Martin, A/Prof Sneha Kirubakaran, Dr Jordan Fox

Project title: Supporting best practice in the GP Clinical Learning Environment: development and validation of a benchmarking and quality improvement tool
Lead Researcher: Dr Samia Toukhsati
Research team members:  Ms Carla Taylor, A/Prof Rebecca Kippen, A/Prof Belinda O’Sullivan, Dr Charlotte Denniston, A/Prof Kevin Arlett, Prof Steve Trumble, A/Prof Jill Benson, Dr Justin Coleman, Dr Simon Morgan, Ms Leonie Chamberlain, Dr Simon Hay, A/Prof Scott Preston, Dr Lisa Clarke, Dr Kerrie Stewart, Prof Janice Bell, Dr Sophie Vasiliadis, Dr Kay Flynn, Ms Jo-anne Chapman, Mr Lachlan Butcher

Project title: Where the rubber meets the road: Teaching and learning encounters between International Medical Graduate general practice Fellowship candidates and supervisors
Lead Researcher: Dr Tim Clement
Research team members: Dr Denise Ruth, Dr Jenny Huang, A/Prof Katrina Anderson

Project Title: GP registrars as teachers in Australian general practice: a qualitative study
Lead researcher: Dr Katie Fisher
Research team members: Dr Alex Turner, Prof Parker Magin, Prof Dimity Pond, A/Prof Michelle Guppy, Dr Chris Starling, Dr Andrew Davey, Ms Irena Patsan, Dr Angelo D’Amore


2023 Education Research Grant Cohort Guide can be accessed here.

These research projects will address one or more of the 2023 six key Education research priorities below:

  1. Understanding the international medical graduates’ experience of general practice training: implications for a system of support
  2. Training practice cultures, processes and teams which facilitate best training outcomes (Application/translation into practice of what is known from research in GP training and other fields)
  3. Integration of systems of education and training in the context of the GP pipeline (including University, hospitals, and GP training sectors).
  4. Processes for performance appraisal, remediation, support, and management in GP training (Application/translation into practice of what is known from research in GP training and other fields)
  5. Scoping the future of Australian GP training:  the new world of personalised care and digital health
  6. Exploring best practice approaches, within the context of general practice training, to caring for diverse populations in general practice


Changes to the ERG program in 2022

The RACGP piloted a new model for a number of Education Research Grants in 2022. These grants will be used to support collaborative Education Research projects (termed RSC projects – RACGP-sector collaborations). 

This pilot was a response to the context of transition to RACGP profession-led community-based training, and the RACGP’s commitment to lead and foster broader collaborations to build education research capacity within general practice. The RACGP distributed the 2022 Education Research Grant (ERG) funding between four RTO-led ERG opportunities and three RSC-ERG projects. 

2022 RTO-led ERG program

The RACGP awarded four grants to RTOs in 2022 via a competitive process. Successful awardees undertook research projects aiming to improve general practice medical education and training, over a period of 12 months from 1 January 2022 to 31 December 2022.

GP Synergy

A qualitative exploration of the impact of telehealth in vocational general practice training
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Understanding How to Promote and Sustain General Practice Supervisors' Wellbeing
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Becoming a general practitioner/rural generalist supervisor: registrars' and new fellows' perceptions of the incentives, enablers and barriers
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Registrar onboarding in general practice: exploring the views and experiences of GP registrars, GP Supervisors and practice managers
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Education Research Grant program 2022 Cohort Guide

2022 RSC-ERG program

The RACGP called for nominations of research priorities from a wide variety of stakeholders in August 2021. Following this process, the following three research projects were conducted in 2022:

  1. A Synthesis of Education Research Grant Project activity, outputs, findings, and impacts 2015-2021, and implications for delivering a successful program of education research in Profession-led General Practice Training

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  1. PERA: An exploration of the nexus between Practice Employment, Relationships and Assessment in Training Practices

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  1. Capturing best practice RTO-led initiatives in general practice training

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Past recipients

Past recipients of the Education Research Program can be found on the past recipients page.


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