2024 Education Research Grant program

The RACGP is pleased to announce two additional grants that will be available in 2024. There are two grants for up to $250,000 each available for a 24-month project, in addition to eight $150,000 grants available for a 12-month project.

The RACGP now calls for Expressions of Interest to address the following 2024 Education Research Grant priorities:

  1.  Attraction and recruitment into General Practice training
  2.  Integration of general practice vocational education and training with University, hospital, and post Fellowship spaces
  3. Enabling and building positive training experiences in current and evolving training environments
  4. Implementing and evaluating initiatives to support the International Medical Graduate/Migrant Doctor training journey
  5. Exploring the implications and impacts of emerging Artificial Intelligence technologies in General Practice Training
  6. Exploring best practice approaches to how Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander values, ways of knowing, being and doing and a holistic worldview approach to health and healing are embedded across GP training, including content and pedagogical methods, to improve cultural safety
  7. Recruitment, selection, support, and retention of high-quality General Practice supervisors
  8. Implications and impacts of the ongoing evolution of telehealth in Australian General Practice for General Practitioner training

The 2024 Education Research Grant (ERG) round will adhere to the following schedule:

Date Item

1 June – 30 July 2023

Expression of Interest (EOI) period

Applications to be submitted via Smarty Grants

4 September 2023

EOI submissions advised of outcome

4 September – 9 October 2023

Application period for successful EOI submissions

Applications to be submitted via Smarty Grants

16 November 2023

Applicants advised of outcome

16 November – 8 December 2023

Contracts arranged

1 January 2024

ERG cohort commences research funded period

Expression of Interest submission guidelines

Eligibility and Selection criteria:

RACGP Education Research Grants are awarded through a competitive process, where a panel assesses applications based on their academic rigour, as well as the likely outcomes and impacts on improving training quality, progressing defined Education Research Priorities, and building research capacity in the general practice training and education sector.

  1. The proposal must be submitted by an eligible research team, that includes at minimum the following members/expertise:
    • Medical Educator with expertise in GP training
    • Expertise in education research
    • Expertise in academic general practice
    • Novice or early career researchers (e.g., PhD candidates and current or recent Academic Registrars)

    Research teams must have active, collaborative relationships with regional GP training teams, which will facilitate the regional delivery and translation of research projects.

    Also strongly encouraged:

    • Inclusion of GP registrars, recent Fellows, medical students, GP supervisors and/or training practices.
  2. Each EOI must demonstrate that it meets the ERG program objectives. These are to:
    • Build research capacity and skills in medical educators, GP registrars, GP supervisors and training practices.
    • Promote a culture of academic critique and the use of evidence in general practice training.
    • Facilitate collaboration between researchers, training practices and universities
    • Promote and support the dissemination of Australian general practice education research and implementation of findings to improve general practice training programs
  3. The applicant must demonstrate that they address one of the 2024 Education Research Priorities.

When submitting an EOI, applicants will be asked to provide the following information:

  1. Project title
  2. Names, contact details and organisation/institution of Principal Investigator(s)
  3. Names and organisations/institutions of the proposed team members and their roles in the project and how they will meet the eligibility criteria.
  4. Research priority/ies being addressed by the project (refer to the 2024 Education Research Priorities above)
  5. Description of a research plan:
    1. Project goals and research question/s
    2. Background to the project, including knowledge gap being addressed
    3. Proposed research design and methodology
    4. Ethical considerations
    5. Potential translation and impact of findings
    6. Project timeline and budget

Only successful EOI applicants will be invited to submit a full application.

Expression of Interest for the 2024 Education Research Grant Program must be submitted via the Smarty Grants by 5pm AEST Sunday 30 July 2023.

Application Assessment guidelines

Information about the Academic Assessment Panel membership and Assessment criteria can be found in the criteria document.

Have any questions?

Please contact the Education Research Unit at gpedresearch@racgp.org.au.

Watch Q&A at the recent information webinar held on Friday 23 June.