Frequently asked questions

A series of Frequently asked questions about the RACGP Mentoring program.

These question will be updated on a regular basis as required.

Please refer to the Mentoring Program website where you can learn more about the program, becoming a mentor or a mentee, the application process and to see information on training content.

The 2021 program will run from April 2020 to April 2021.

Mentor training consists of 2 x 2 hour facilitated webinars. Mentee training consists of a 1.5 hour facilitated webinar. There will also be bi-monthly opportunities to meet as a group via Zoom throughout the duration of the program.

The training will cover instructions on how to mentor, the goals of the program, roles and responsibilities, and the expectations and boundaries of the relationship. Please see information on training content for more information.

AHPRA mentoring requirements differ significantly in scope from the RACGP Mentoring Program therefore the RACGP is not able to set up mentoring relationships on this basis.  We recommend that you identify a medical educator within your local network who is willing to assume responsibility for supporting you in addressing AHPRA requirements.

The Mentoring Program is an accredited CPD activity. Mentors who complete the program will receive 40 accredited points and mentees who complete the program will receive 20 CPD points. At the completion of the program these points will be allocated to you by the Program Administrator.

Please see information on training content for more information.

To qualify for CPD points, you must attend the training. Training is a critical component of successful mentoring programs and should be ongoing. Formal research shows that in order for mentoring relationships to have the greatest chance of success, both mentor and mentee should receive training.  

Research shows that mentoring programs that offer opportunities for ongoing training throughout the mentoring relationship had larger positive effects on the participants. These webinars are designed for debriefing and sharing of ideas, and the opportunity to reflect with other participants about the mentoring experience.

All of our facilitators are experienced senior leaders who have worked in general practice and other industries, have expert knowledge in leadership development and have also run mentoring programs. A short bio of the facilitators will be forwarded to you prior to training.

The Program Administrator will provide a schedule of dates after your acceptance into the program and a calendar invitation, with a Zoom link, will be forwarded to you prior to any scheduled webinar. A reminder email will be sent 1 day prior to any event.

Webinars are recorded for administration purposes only and will not be made available for distribution.

Mentoring is a voluntary relationship in which there is a mutual exchange of ideas and experiences. CPD points are available for completion of training and participating in the mentoring relationship.

Please see information on training content for more information.

The selection process is a very important element of creating lasting, effective relationships and much depends upon the individual needs of the mentee and the skills available from amongst the mentors. In addition to skills and experience, the mentor’s interpersonal skills are of critical importance in the matching process. Screening is essential to assess the suitability of the potential mentor in relation to the mentoring relationship. Screening may include surveys, videos, interviews, and reference checks.

We gather the profiles of each of the mentors.  Mentees will then be provided with access to view the profiles of a small group of mentors who match their requirements. You will be asked to indicate your first, second and third preference. 

You will receive an email from the Program Administrator confirming you as a matched pair, asking you to make contact with each other. We encourage the mentee to reach out and make first contact with their mentor to discuss the most suitable meeting arrangements.