Information on training content

Last updated 21 October 2022


Upon successful application to the Mentoring Program, you will be given access to the training webinars to complete in your own time.

Your mentor training will be divided into the following areas:

Topic: The Role of the Mentor


This topic focuses on requirements for your role as a mentor, specifically:

  1. Introduction to mentees;
  2. Understand how to enhance networks for building resilience;
  3. Distinguish between the role of coach and mentor.

Topic: Mentoring Tools and Traps


This topic focuses on developing knowledge of how mentoring optimises human performance, specifically and the importance of the context in which mentoring is being applied:

  1. Establish relationship boundaries;
  2. Develop active listening skills as a mentor;
  3. Recognise conscious and unconscious bias, the risk of the ‘halo’ effect and focusing on being the best that you can be as a mentor.

Your mentee training will cover the following topics:

  1. Common styles of mentoring relationships;
  2. Boundaries and time appreciation;
  3. Short term, medium term and long term goals;
  4. Building trust and getting started.