Critical incidences

Critical incident and adverse event management and reporting

The RACGP seeks to work with Training Organisations to learn from and support situations that will ultimately inform the evolution of GP Training and education in Australia. Whilst Training Organisations manage any adverse events or critical incidents, reporting to the RACGP enables oversight across Australia. The RACGP is able to identify trends impacting the GP in Training during their life cycle, facilitating the opportunity for quality improvement for all stakeholders involved.

Incident reporting is a requirement for Training Organisations within the Accreditation Management Agreement. Whilst adverse events are not required to the reported to the RACGP, reporting is encouraged to support recognition of trends as above.

The Reporting adverse events and critical incidents guidance document provides direction for Training Organisations managing events involving GPs in training completing the AGPT and PEP pathways. 

Please complete the form below to report an incident or event. For further information regarding critical incidents / adverse events reporting, please contact the Accreditation Unit at