The Vision for general practice


Last revised: 21 Oct 2019

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners’ (RACGP’s) revised Vision for general practice and a sustainable healthcare system (the Vision) has been developed with input, ideas and feedback from many dedicated RACGP members and key health stakeholders.

The RACGP would like to thank all members of the RACGP Expert Committee – Funding and Health System Reform (REC–FHSR) for their significant contribution in overseeing the Vision redevelopment, and specifically thanks the following members of the Vision Redevelopment Working Group, and key staff, who were responsible for leading the review and drafting the revised Vision:

  • Dr Michael Wright, REC–FHSR Chair and working group Chair
  • Dr Beres Wenck, working group member
  • Dr Colin Metz, REC–FHSR and working group member
  • Dr George Somers, REC–FHSR and working group member
  • Dr Rashmi Sharma, REC–FHSR and working group member
  • Mr Brett McPherson, REC–FHSR and working group member
  • Mr Roald Versteeg, General Manager, Practice Policy and Innovation
  • Ms Michelle Gonsalvez, National Manager, Policy and Advocacy
  • Ms Susan Wall, Program Manager, Funding and Health System Reform
  • Ms Jess Cutter, Senior Policy Officer, Funding and Health System Reform

The RACGP would also like to thank the many other RACGP members who helped develop the revised Vision by providing their valuable feedback on the Vision as part  of the member-wide consultation process.

As well as contributions by RACGP members, the Vision was informed by several health stakeholders and peak bodies that also provided feedback during the consultation period. The RACGP extends its thanks to these stakeholders for their detailed and considered feedback.

The input provided by all contributors has led to the creation of a vital document that outlines a framework for excellence in healthcare. Input from a range of voices has been essential to identifying key mechanisms to address existing and future challenges facing the health of Australians and the Australian healthcare system.