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Media release

RACGP awards to advance general practice research

5 August 2016

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) is delighted to announce the recipients of the 2016 RACGP research grants and awards, supporting general practitioner researchers.

A total of 17 research grants and awards have been offered by the RACGP Foundation to GPs and general practice registrars who are members of the RACGP to conduct projects and research into primary healthcare and general practice.

The grants and awards, totalling almost $361,000, reveal the RACGP investing in its vision: ‘Healthy Profession, Healthy Australia’.

RACGP Foundation Patron Professor Peter Mudge said the range of research being undertaken by Australia’s GPs was both relevant and impressive.

“In an era when cuts are the disappointing norm, the value of research in general practice is more important than ever and these grants and awards acknowledge the vital contribution GPs make to furthering medical advancements within the community,” Professor Mudge said.

“GPs build research evidence that is necessary to deliver the highest-quality health outcomes to all Australians.

“The evidence we require as GPs can only be obtained from general practice research involving GPs and patients, so continued investment is vital and essential,” he said.

List of 2016 grant and award recipients:


Award title


Recipient and research/project title

Therapeutic Guidelines Ltd/RACGP Research Grant

Assoc Prof Michelle Guppy, $50,000
Chronic kidney disease in general practice: GP attitudes and current practice with respect to the Australian 2015 Chronic kidney disease (CKD) Management in GeneralPractice guideline.

Dr Carissa Bonner, $29,866
Combining new guideline formats with patient communication tools to facilitate evidence-based risk assessment and management in cardiovascular disease prevention.

Prof Jane Gunn, $19,787
The STOP Study: Sensible Timely OPtions for reducing inappropriate antidepressant use in general practice.

HCF Research Foundation/RACGP Research Grant

Dr Tejas Kanhere, $60,000
Accelerometers in Monitoring Physical Activity in primary Care (AMPACe)

Professor Moyez Jiwa, $59,785
Informing policy for patients who have been prescribed antibiotics for an upper respiratory tract infection.

RACGP/Diabetes Australia Research Grant

Assoc Prof Michelle Guppy, $60,000
A rural registry and chronic care model for chronic kidney disease and diabetes.

RACGP Family Medical Care Education and Research Grants (FMCER)

Dr Andrew Davey, $19,853
Antibiotic prescribing strategies of general practice registrars for acute respiratory tract infections: prevalence and associations of delayed prescribing.

Dr Karen Price, $10,000
The role of peer connection in general practice: what is the role of peer connection and its association to empathy and prevention of burnout in general practitioners?

Dr Miriam Brooks, $2,799
Evaluation of Young Women's Clinic, Blue Mountains Women's Health and Resource Centre.

RACGP Chris Silagy Research Scholarship

Dr Elizabeth Sturgiss, $15,000
Development and validation of the 'Working Alliance Inventory' to measure therapeutic alliance in general practice.

The RACGP Foundation and the former Adelaide North East Division of General Practice (ANEDGP) Research Grant

Dr Colin Goodson, $19,873
Development of a method of increasing the appropriateness and quality of GP referrals to public hospital outpatient clinics to facilitate triage and specialist advice and care

RACGP/MDA National Best General Practice Research Article in the AFP Journal Award

Dr Clare Willix, Sponsorship to attend GP16
A comparison of vitamin D levels in two antenatal populations in regional Western Australia. ‘Tjindoo Ba Thonee Thurra’: sunshine for the pregnant belly.  Aust Fam Physician 2015, 44(3): pp 141-144.

RACGP/Australian Primary Health Care Research Institute (APHCRI) Indigenous Health Award

Ms Charmaine Earnshaw, $5,850
Financial assistance for an elective placement in Canada.

Miss Madeline Thomson, $2,270
Indigenous wellbeing and climate change on Country: Ltyentye Apurte community member perspectives.

Mr Luke Walker, $880
Financial Assistance for a four week placement in an Indigenous community (Central Australia) and a seven week internship at the NHMRC in Melbourne.

RACGP PWH Grieve Memorial Award

Dr Su-Yin Yeong, ($2,500)
Rubella immunity and screening in women of childbearing age in Sydney general practice.

RACGP Rex Walpole Travelling Fellowship

Dr Scott Allison, ($2,500)
Travel to Amsterdam to present research at the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) Conference in May 2017.