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Practice Standards

RACGP Infection prevention and control standards

The RACGP Infection prevention and control standards for general practices and other office-based and community-based practices (5th edition) (the RACGP Infection prevention and control standards) was published in May 2014.  It is intended as a guide to assist health professionals and other staff implementing procedures involving infection prevention and control.

The RACGP Infection prevention and control standards have been written specifically for general practices and health professionals in other office-based and community-based settings. They have been reviewed by experts in the fields of infection prevention and control, infectious diseases, microbiology and general practice.

The focus of the RACGP Infection prevention and control standards is practice-based risk assessment and staff education in aspects of infection prevention and control relevant to the staff member’s role.

The RACGP Infection prevention and control standards is divided into the following five sections.

Section 1: Infection Prevention and Control Principles – includes information on staff education, basic microbiology, principles of hand hygiene, the appropriate use of standard and transmission based precautions and personal protective equipment.

Section 2: Protecting the health of staff – includes information on staff immunisation, managing the health of health professionals and staff, safe sharps management and management of blood and body fluid exposure.

Section 3: Managing the practice physical environment – includes information on cleaning of the practice, managing blood and body spills, linen and waste management.

Section 4: Processing reusable equipment – includes information on cleaning and sterilisation of reusable medical devices and equipment, monitoring and documentation of the sterilisation cycle, validation of the sterilisation process and the use of single-use items.

Section 5: Disease surveillance in office based practice - includes information on disease monitoring, reporting requirements and reception and triage in relation to potential or actual infectious diseases.