Recognition of prior learning

It is possible that the Joint Consultative Committee on Anaesthesia (JCCA) can consider prior training towards the issue of a statement of equivalence to its Curriculum Statement for General Practitioner Anaesthesia but this is not guaranteed. Each applicant’s case is treated individually with consideration being given to the original training and its format, assessment reports, evidence of intention to enter rural general practice training and referee reports provided. The Recognition of prior learning policy and application form can be downloaded below.

The JCCA advises that the issue that the issue of a statement of equivalence of training is related to the curriculum training only and is not connected with whether a GP can practise as a GP providing anaesthesia services in a rural area in the future. This is not the JCCA's decision and requires credentialing by a hospital credentialing committee.

General practitioners providing anaesthesia services to practice after they have been away from anaesthesia practise

It is the JCCA’s policy that a return to work program must be completed where a general practitioner providing anaesthesia services has had time out of Anaesthesia practice. As there is a large degree of individual variation in the impact of factors involved return to practice programs must be tailored to individual needs. The overall aim is to ensure that the general practitioner providing anaesthesia services provides safe and up–to–date care.