About the Indigenous General Practice Registrars Network

The Indigenous General Practice Registrars Network (IGPRN) is a network for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander registrars to provide professional and cultural support to one another.

IGPRN is open to all Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander GPs in training. Network members can undertake exam preparation and peer debriefing via online study groups, discussion groups and two face-to-face workshops each year. The Network has a chairperson and is supported by a coordinator to provide you with support during your training. IGPRN can advocate on behalf of GPs in training with other organisations such as the RACGP, GPET or Training Organisations.

IGPRN was founded in 2008 by Indigenous GP Registrars who sought to address issues of cultural isolation and safety, discrimination, and other unique challenges on their pathway to Fellowship. From a single Indigenous Registrar Liaison Officer, IGPRN has become a funded national peer network, with an Indigenous Chair elected by the members. IGPRN is an independent network supported and auspiced by General Practice Registrars Australia.

Contact IGPRN via email if you are interested in joining the network:  igprn@igprn.org.au

IGPRN and the RACGP working together

RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health is committed to increasing the number of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander GPs. The faculty offers the Yagila Wadamba program, to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander GP registrars in preparing for their RACGP Fellowship exams.

One of the principles of the program is that it should not duplicate what is already being offered elsewhere. RACGP and IGPRN work together to complement each other through the Yagila Wadamba program. Both organisations provide advice and support to help recruit suitable educators for their programs and to ensure dates are coordinated and do not conflict to allow registrars the best chance of attending all workshops.

The RACGP and IGPRN will continue to look for opportunities to enhance the way support is provided and tailored to the needs of registrars.



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