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Tools for general practice

General practice – a safe place: tips and tools

GP safe place: tips and tools coverThis booklet covers practical strategies to assist general practices to minimise ricks of violence such as creating a safe physical environment, flagging files of patients with a history of violent behaviour within a practice, assertively clinically manage patients at risk of violent behaviour, working with other services to reduce the future risk of violence and supporting the general practice team after experiences of violence. This booklet can be used as a tool to encourage discussion within general practice teams about appropriate responses to manage the risk of occupational violence.

General practice – a safe place: tips and tools is available for download. It is not available in hardcopy.


Rebirth of a clinic - a design workbook for architecture in general practice and primary care

Rebirth of a clinic coverThe RACGP Rebirth of a Clinic is a guide from the initial concept to details-of-each-room, to capture the thoughts of the user at each step of the design. Any one can enter the process at any step to use part of the guide and exit at any time.

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Facetoface: challenging cases in medical practice

Facetoface coverThis DVD is designed to be a resource for doctors and provides guidance about some of the most common, professionally challenging situations doctors face in medical practice in Australia.

The DVD features registered medical practitioners in consultation with patients, played by actors, in a range of scenarios. The scenarios explore issues that are frequently involved in complaints to medical boards, including blurred boundaries, drugs of dependence, patient confidentiality, terminating doctor-patient relationships, sexual misconduct, medical certificates and consent for young people.

Each scenario is followed by an expert panel discussion that analyses the important issues in managing the consultation and provides clear guidance for doctors.

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Keeping the doctor alive

Keeping the doctor alive coverThis guidebook provides medical practitioners with information and resources on strategies for self care as an essential element of their professional life. It aims to encourage medical practitioners to recognise and discuss the challenges facing them, promote self care as an integral and accepted part of the professional life of medical practitioners, and assists medical practitioners to develop useful strategies for self care.

(1st edition/republished 2006/0869062662)
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Employer guide

Employer guide coverThe RACGP Employer guide (3rd edition) has been developed for GP employers and other members of the practice leadership team, to assist in adopting effective human resources processes. It covers a range of human resource management issues including the development of position descriptions, interview processes, selection, negotiation, employment legislation and staff management.

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Employee guide

Employee guide coverThe RACGP Employee guide (3rd edition) has been developed for GP employees and independent contractors working in general practice. It presents ideas and issues to consider when seeking employment in general practice. This includes career management, employment conditions, resume preparation, interview tips, negotiation and income potential.

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Clinical risk management in general practice: a quality and safety improvement guide and educational resource for individual and group based learning

clinical risk managementThis resource has been developed to help GPs and their practice teams manage clinical risks, errors and the resulting near-misses or adverse events. It focuses on a 10 step ‘systems approach’ to risk and incident management. This involves creating a supportive, open and inclusive organisational culture, where clinical risks and incidents can be skilfully identified, discussed and investigated before implementing solutions, to address the impacts, and safeguards, to prevent recurrences.

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Safety every time – our general practice checklist

Safety every time checklistThe Safety every time checklist has been developed by the RACGP to assist GPs and their practice teams minimise these sorts of risks and prevent adverse outcomes in general practice. The checklist is based on the Correct Patient, Correct Site, Correct Procedure protocols developed by the Australian Council for Safety and Quality in Health Care (ACSQHC) and the Royal Australasian College of Surgeons (RACS).

Safety every time – our general practice checklist is available to download (PDF 136KB). It is not available in hardcopy.

Additional resources

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