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Staying connected

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Staying connected with your community of New Fellow peers is vital during your first five years after Fellowship.

The RACGP is here for you with support from your local state/territory faculty and specialised national faculties – and of course, dedicated resources for New Fellows.

Practising as a GP can vary depending on location, which is why your National New Fellows Committee carefully curated a checklist specific to each state/territory to ensure you’re well prepared.

National New Fellow Committee

Get to know your National New Fellows committee.

Dr Aadhil Aziz

Dr Samantha Wyton

Dr. Shawn Hsia

Dr Kay Flynn

Dr Jessica Madsen

Dr Natasha Feingold

New Fellows Facebook Group

Join the RACGP National New Fellows Facebook group to hear about the experiences of other New Fellows and share your own. You’ll also get the latest news that’s relevant to you and hear about training sessions and social events throughout the year to help you stay in touch, informed and involved.

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State/territory Faculties

Your state/territory faculty will keep you up to date with local news and legislation changes.


(02) 9886 4700  
(02) 9886 4790 (fax)
Faculty Facebook group
Faculty web pages

RACGP Western Australia

(08) 9489 9555  
(08) 9489 9544 (fax)
Faculty Facebook group
Faculty web pages


(08) 8267 8310  
(08) 8267 8319 (fax)
Faculty Facebook group
Faculty web pages

RACGP Victoria

(03) 8699 0488   
(03) 8699 0560 (fax)
Faculty Facebook group
Faculty web pages

RACGP Queensland

(07) 3456 8944  
(07) 3391 7009 (fax)
Faculty Facebook group
Faculty web pages

RACGP Tasmania

(03) 6212 5888  
(03) 6234 2344 (fax)
Faculty Facebook group
Faculty web pages

National Faculties

We also recommend joining one or more of our national faculties according to your interests.


If you’re located in (or are considering relocating to) in a rural, regional or remote part of Australia, join the faculty dedicated to supporting GPs outside our urban centres.

RACGP National Faculty for GPs in Training

Stay in touch with the GPiT faculty so future GPs get the benefit of your experience.

RACGP Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health

Join our efforts to raise awareness of unique Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health needs, learn how to deliver culturally appropriate healthcare and help close the gap.

RACGP Specific Interests

Join one or more of the 31 specific interest groups to enhance your skills and experiences in particular areas of general practice.