Let’s remind all patients that expert advice matters

#gpexpertadvice social media campaign

To make sure the Expert Advice Matters campaign message reaches communities across Australia, including culturally and linguistically diverse communities, we’re running a dedicated social media campaign.

We need you

If you speak a language other than English, we’d like you to record a ‘selfie-style’ video relaying the campaign message in this language – highlighting that GPs are available, accessible and safe to visit, and are the best source for health advice. Take a look at some examples below, or for more inspiration visit our Youtube channel.

Dr Maged Ghattas, Arabic

Dr Chris Chau, Mandarin

Dr Billy Stoupas, Greek

What to say in your video

We’ve prepared a short video script for you to work from. Just record yourself delivering the script in your chosen language (other than English).

Don’t forget to introduce yourself, too. Make sure you mention your name and location/the practice you work from, eg:

  • ‘My name is Dr Brian Chau, and I’m a GP in Port Douglas in Queensland.’
  • ‘I’m Dr Danielle Saliba, and I work at Yarra Medical in Melbourne.’

Filming considerations

Please keep your video to less than a minute.

Please don’t film your video outside your workplace and make sure you demonstrate appropriate physical distancing.

We encourage you to film your video on your phone in ‘selfie mode’ so it feels natural and authentic. Or you can ask someone to film you if that’s easier.

Tips for filming a video with your phone:

  • Check the sound is turned on.
  • Film in horizontal mode (this is essential)
  • Make sure the space is quiet so the audio is clear (perhaps turn off the air conditioner/heater).
  • Ensure your face is in focus.
  • Film during the day, rather than at night, and try to face a window so your face is well lit with natural light.
  • If possible, prop your phone up so it’s stable.

Share it with your community

Once you’ve filmed your video, upload it to your social media accounts (or your practice’s accounts) with the hashtag #gpexpertadvice.

If your video is in Hindi, Mandarin, Cantonese, Arabic or Vietnamese, please include in your social media post a link to one of these webpages:

Be sure to follow #gpexpertadvice in your social media streams to see how other members of your GP community are helping share the message.