22 April 2020

RACGP launches a new podcast: Generally Speaking

The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) has launched a brand new podcast.

Hosted by GPs Dr Gillian Singleton and Dr Billy Stoupas Generally Speaking will feature conversations on current and emerging issues in general practice and what that means for Australian patients.

Dr Singleton is a GP with a passion for refugee and asylum seeker health as well as GP education and Dr Stoupas is a specialist GP with a passion for aged care.

Dr Singleton said that the podcast will cover a broad range of interesting topics.

“Each episode we will be joined by a different subject matter expert who will share their story and help us explore topical healthcare issues. You will hear a variety of views, be inspired by our amazing colleagues and hopefully learn something new.

“GPs who tune in will hear tips from our experts on how they overcome challenges in their community whilst also looking after their own wellbeing in these trying times.”

Dr Stoupas said that the aim was for GPs across Australia to engage in the podcast and suggest new ideas

“We want this to be a collaborative process and members will have the opportunity to comment and inform future topic selection.

“The pandemic has really shone a light on just how essential primary care is. GPs should never be taken for granted and I think this podcast will highlight once again just how diverse and interesting our work is.  

“In the first few episodes you will gain new insights on rural health, mental health issues, aged care and substance use amongst other things.

“This is a really exciting opportunity and I can’t wait to hear feedback from listeners in the months ahead.”

Upcoming episodes include conversations with these inspiring GP colleagues:

·    A COVID-19 update with Professor Michael Kidd, Chief Medical Advisor to the Department of Health

·    business resilience in challenging times with Dr Todd Cameron, Acting Chair of the RACGP Business of General Practice Specific Interest Network

·    disaster recovery – a personal story from with Dr Michael Clements, Deputy Chair of RACGP Rural

·    owning a practice – some tips and tricks from Dr Maria Boulton, a Brisbane GP and Director of Family Doctors Plus

·    after the Royal Commission – current events in aged care with A/Prof Paresh Dawda, member of the RACGP Expert Committee on Quality Care

·    the many faces of addiction (AODS) with Dr Paul Grinzi, Member of RACGP Victoria’s Drug and Alcohol Committee

·    mental health presentations with Dr Jim Antoniadis, Chair, GP & Psychiatry Liaison Committee (RACGP Victoria)

·    refugee and asylum seeker health – the important role of all GPs featuring Dr Kate Walker, Chair of RACGP Refugee Health Specific Interest Network

Join the conversation on social media by using the hashtag #GenerallySpeakingGP.

Generally Speaking is sponsored by CommBank.

Media enquiries

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