University departments/disciplines of general practice

The following Australian universities have a general practice discipline (or, department) and welcome your contact to learn more about their respective general practice research programs.

You may be interested in:

  • participating in existing or planned projects, or,
  • enrolling in study that supports the building of your research capacity and skills by conducting your own project under expert supervision.

University of Adelaide
Head of Department/Discipline: Prof Nigel Stocks

The Discipline of General Practice supports teaching, research, clinical practice and the development of better prevention and public health policies. It was established in 1995, as part of Adelaide Medical School.

Australian National University
Head of Department/Discipline: Prof Kirsty Douglas (on extended leave)

Bond University
Head of Department/Discipline: A/Prof Jane Smith

Curtin University
Head of Department/Discipline: Dr Joanne Stewart (acting)
Deakin University
Head of Department/Discipline: Professor Gary Rogers

Flinders University of South Australia
Head of Discipline: Prof Richard Reed

The Discipline of General Practice at Flinders University is actively involved in general practice teaching and research as part of the College of Medicine and Public Health. The Discipline manages the Flinders General Practice Teaching and Research Network (FGPTRN) which comprises approximately 50 General Practices currently participating as community partners in the teaching and research activities of the Discipline. 

Griffith University
Head of Department/Discipline: A/Prof Kylie Vuong

James Cook University
Head of Department/Discipline: Prof Clare Heal

Academic Lead and Mackay co-ordinator: Professor Clare Heal:  
Cairns co-ordinator: Dr Aileen Traves 
Townsville co-ordinator and Head of Clinical School Townsville: Professor Tarun Sen Gupta

The James Cook University Discipline of General Practice is involved in a wide range of teaching, clinical and research activities, across the three clinical schools of Townsville, Cairns and Mackay, in North Queensland. Our team of General Practitioners and Primary Care Researchers are dedicated to improving the quality of care provided to patients in the community. Most of our staff are also involved in clinical practice, often working with underserved rural populations and disadvantaged groups.

Macquarie University
Head of Department/Discipline: Prof Sanjyot Vagholkar

Macquarie University - Primary Care

The Primary Care stream within the Faculty of Medicine, Health and Human Sciences at Macquarie University is part of a new and growing faculty. The MD program at Macquarie University began in 2018 and as this has evolved, the Primary Care stream has had an increasing role in the delivery of the program. In parallel, primary care research is developing a significant focus. The academic staff are a mix of experienced and early career researchers with a diverse range of interests. All of the academics are active in general practice at MQ Health.

University of Melbourne
Head of Department/Discipline: Prof Lena Sanci

Monash University
Head of Department/Discipline: Prof Danielle Mazza

Established in 1975, Monash University’s Department of General Practice is now one of the largest general practice teaching departments in Australia. Globally recognised for innovation and excellence in general practice education and research, and highly regarded for its commitment to translational research in primary care, our work is informed by a commitment to primary health care which ensures equitable access and quality of care for all, where patient experience and voice is central to their healthcare. 

Our work focuses on four main research themes: Prevention and Management of Chronic and Complex Conditions; Guideline Development and Implementation in Primary Care; Vulnerable Populations; and Women’s Sexual and Reproductive Health.

University of Newcastle
Head of Department/Discipline: A/Prof Graeme Horton

The Discipline of General Practice teaches into years 2, 3 and 4 of the Joint Medical Program, and operates across the whole footprint of the JMP including the Hunter, the Central Coast and rural sites particularly Armidale. It assists students with selected GP based research projects in years 3 and 4. The discipline is actively involved in research in collaboration with academic registrars,  undergraduate and research higher degree students and other universities. While a range of GP related topics are chosen, the discipline has a particular interest in medical education, aged care and dementia, and mental health issues. 

University of New England
Head of Department/Discipline: A/Prof Michelle Guppy

University of New South Wales
Head of Department/Discipline: A/Prof Joel Rhee

Joel is the Academic GP leading the Discipline of General Practice and Primary Care at the School of Population Health, Faculty of Medicine and Health, UNSW.

Griffith University
Head of Department/Discipline: A/Prof Kylie Vuong

A/Prof Vuong is Associate Professor in Primary Care and Academic Lead in General Practice at Griffith University.

University of Notre Dame (Fremantle)
Head of Department/Discipline: A/Prof Lucy Gilkes

The University of Notre Dame School of Medicine Fremantle provides many opportunities in general practice-based research.
Key to our research philosophy is a culture of collaboration with research informed by unmet needs in practice.
In 2021 we are leading the development of a Statewide Western Australian Primary Care Based Research Network in collaboration with other medical schools.

We have an active involvement in general practice-based research projects with GPs, through supervision of medical studentfinal year projects and PhD students and large national clinical trials. We are keen to work with GPs with an interest in general practice based clinical research.

Our current work relates to following research areas:

  • Familial hypercholesterolaemia and cardiovascular risk
  • Multimorbidity
  • COVID response in general practice
  • Women’s health.
  • Chronic pain

University of Notre Dame (Sydney)
Head of Department/Discipline: A/Prof Charlotte Hespe

University of Queensland
Head of Department/Discipline: Prof Katharine Wallis

The University of Queensland’s Mayne Academy of General Practice and the Primary Care Clinical Unit are involved in a wide range of teaching, clinical and research activities. Our multidisciplinary team of General Practitioners and Primary Care Researchers are dedicated to improving the quality of care provided to patients in the community. Many of our staff are actively involved in clinical practice, often working with disadvantaged groups in society.

We enjoy sharing our passion for general practice and primary care with students undertaking the General Practice course, Medicine in Society course, and Urban LlnCC clinical placements. Through research on models of care, clinical care and issues affecting special interest populations such as Indigenous Australians, refugees and the elderly, for instance, we aim to contribute to the evidence base for our academy and the translation of research to the community where it can make a difference.

University of Sydney
Head of Department/Discipline: A/Prof Melissa Kang; A/Prof Fiona Robinson

University of Tasmania
Head of Department/Discipline: Prof Mark Nelson

University of Western Australia
Head of Department/Discipline: A/Prof Nahal Mavaddat; A/Prof Andrew Kirke

University of Western Sydney
Head of Department/Discipline: Prof Penny Abbott 

University of Wollongong
Head of Department/Discipline: Prof Andrew Bonney

The General Practice Academic Unit at the School of Medicine, University of Wollongong has a strong general practice research program, conducted primarily through its vibrant Practice Based Research Network ISPRN

Prof Andrew Bonney is the Director of the GPAU and ISPRN