The RACGP a range of resources and services to assist with your clinical, educational and research needs.

The RACGP John Murtagh Library offers a range of resources and services to assist with your clinical, educational and research needs. This includes access to journals that provide the latest peer-reviewed GP research. Explore the library’s online resources or visit the  subject portal for researchers.

This peer-reviewed journal presenting Australian GP research is available to all members

The RACGP NREEC is a research ethics committee with a general practice focus. Its responsibility is to ensure the ethical conduct of human subject research. The NREEC role is to assess the ethical merit of proposed research involving humans in Australian primary care settings, according to the NH&MRC National Statement.

University-based GP Research

A listing of Australian universities that have a general practice discipline (or, department) and welcome your contact to learn more about their respective general practice research programs.

What is a PBRN and what are the benefits of participating?

A PBRN is a network of primary care practitioners that collaborate to identify and explore research questions relevant to their work and the community they serve, with the aim of creating new knowledge that can be translated into practice (Source: Pearce K, et al. How and why to study the practice content of a practice-based research network. Annals of Family Medicine 2004 2(5):425-28). PBRNs produce evidence that not only enhances clinical practice but can also support policy to underpin best practice (Source: Prof Meredith Temple-Smith, RACGP PBRN Webinar, 29 April 2021).

A listing of active Australian PBRN’s.

RACGP Digital Events

The RACGP runs many educational webinars, including the GP Research Webinar series 2020-current and other related GP research content. These are available for free to members and are also on-demand.

Navigating the Maze EBP Workbook

This workbook provides information and exercises on searching, sifting and critical analysis of research for those wanting to build on their critical appraisal and research capacity by upskilling in evidence-based practice (EBP).

For further information, view the ‘How to Read a paper: Navigating the Maze’ webinar on demand, presented by Professor Paul Glasziou.

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The RACGP provides online portal access to GP education opportunities, including those relevant to building research capacity.

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