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QI&CPD for Education Providers

When you become a provider with the RACGP QI&CPD Program, you are recognised for the quality education and training you offer general practitioners (GPs) to help meet their continuing professional development (CPD) requirements.

If you have education you would like to be accredited by the RACGP QI&CPD Program, you have the following options:

  1. Purchase an Accredited Activity Provider Service Agreement (AAPSA)
  2. Purchase an Accredited Activity Agreement (AAA)


Organisations may opt to become an accredited activity provider entering into an accredited activity provider service agreement (AAPSA). This is an option available for organisations that have multiple education activities to accredit.

To better align with your business needs the RACGP is offering an annual or three year AAPSA for the duration of the 2017–19 triennium. This model cultivates a strong relationship allowing the RACGP to best support you to develop and deliver high quality education to Australian GPs.

The AAPSA package include the following services:

  • use of the RACGP QI&CPD logo to promote accredited activities to GPs  
  • the ability for your EARs to self-accredit activities
  • use of the RACGP website to promote your accredited activities to over 35,000 members
  • access to the RACGP QI&CPD dashboard
  • 6 hours’ consultation time with a state program coordinator
  • monthly e-bulletins with regular updates, tips and news

To find out more about the benefits of purchasing an AAPSA, please view our Product and service schedule[A1] . 


Organisations who wish to accredit on a per activity basis have the option to purchase an Accredited Activity Agreement (e.g. The organisation may only have one activity). If the proposed activity meets the relevant standards, it will be accredited for the duration of the triennium 

To find out more about the process of becoming and accredited provider with the RACGP, please contact your local QI&CPD office.