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What’s new in gplearning

What’s new in gplearning

Last updated 17 April 2024

Members have exclusive access to hundreds of CPD approved activities designed by GPs, available in gplearning.

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Click on any of the headings below to view an expanded range of activity options. Members can access the activities listed on this page by logging into your RACGP account.

To see the full list of CPD approved activities available in gplearning visit myCPD.

Check your clinical knowledge against best practice standards by exploring these cases commonly encountered in general practice. check units can be completed by GPs in any career stage and offers valuable educational activities (EA) and reviewing performance (RP) hours.

Recently published checks units are below:

Breast Cancer, Unit 611, May 2024 – 10CPD hours (5EA, 5RP)
Heart Disease, Unit 610, April 2024 – 10CPD hours (5EA, 5RP)
Dementia, Unit 609, Mar 2024 – 10 CPD hours (5 EA, 5 RP)
Pancreatic Cancer, Unit 608, Jan/Feb 2024 – 10 CPD hours (5 EA, 5 RP)
Rare Diseases, Unit 607, Dec 2023 – 8 CPD hours (4 EA, 4 RP)
Men’s Health, Unit 606, Oct/Nov 2023 – 12 CPD hours (6 EA, 6 RP)

These CPD approved activities allow you to use an entire issue of AJGP for your CPD. Work your way carefully and critically through each article, thinking about how you might adjust your practice in response, and complete the issue’s Clinical Challenge. Earn valuable EA and RP hours that vary according to each issue.

Recently published editions are below:

Urology, May 2024, 12CPD hours (6EA, 6RP)
Lifestyle medicine, Apr 2024 – 10CPD hours (5EA, 5RP)
Sports medicine, Mar 2024 – 10 CPD hours (5 EA, 5 RP)  
Pelvic Pain, Jan/Feb 2024 – 12 CPD hours (6 EA, 6 RP)  
Musculoskeletal, Nov 2023 – 10 CPD hours (5 EA, 5 RP) 

Brought to you by Specific Interests and national CPD, these mini audits will ensure you meet your 5hrs minimum requirements for MO CPD.  These mini audits are part of a substantial program of MO CPD activities in development across the RACGP, with many more topics to come in 2024.

Reducing risk from alcohol use mini audit, 5MO CPD hours
Osteoarthritis management mini audit, 5MO CPD hours
RACGP specific interests Aged Care – polypharmacy and deprescribing mini audit, 7CPD hours (1hr EA, 1hr RP, 5hr MO)
Acne best practice management mini audit – 7 CPD hours (1 EA, 1 RP, 5 MO)
Asthma management mini audit (respiratory inhalers and minimising the impact on the environment) – 7 CPD hours (1 EA, 1 RP, 5 MO)
Cervical screening self-collection mini audit – 7 CPD hours (1 EA, 1 RP, 5 MO)  
Dementia Care mini audit – 5MO CPD hours
Determining risk factors for adverse asthma outcomes in adults mini audit – 7 CPD hours (1 EA, 1 RP, 5 MO)
Early detection of skin cancer mini audit – 5 MO CPD hours
Endometriosis management mini audit – 5 MO CPD hours

Want a different kind of MO CPD?

Capture changes you’ve made to improve patient care because of what you’ve read, learned or discussed, using the RACGP’s Measuring Outcomes tool in myCPD. The tool will take you step-by-step through the process of why you made the change and impact it had/will have for your patient (s).

In 2024 Specific Interests are running monthly webinars with ideas to help you plan your measuring outcomes CPD. Watch these recordings for your EA CPD, and implement the recommendations for your MO CPD.

You can watch these recordings after the live event in gplearining, by searching for “Mearing your outcomes”.

These short MCQ activities not only help with exam preparation but offer all members a great CPD option to test your knowledge against best-practice standards. Completion of each MCQ activity offers 0.5EA and 0.5RP.

A morning of clinical encounters MCQs 
Adult immunisation MCQs 
Paediatric immunisation MCQs 

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