The check program

About check

check is a peer-reviewed Continuing Professional Development (CPD) activity written by expert clinicians. Each unit includes four to six clinical cases with answers, followed by 10 multiple choice questions (MCQs), as well as references and resources.

check is available in hard copy (printed quarterly) and online.

How can I access check online?

check can be accessed online via gplearning. RACGP members automatically have access to the check program online. To access the activity, simply log in to the RACGP website, click on My Account and then click on the gplearning 2020 link. Please call the gplearning helpdesk on 1800 284 789 if you cannot remember your username and password.

If you are not an RACGP member and would like to access check online, please complete a subscription/order form, then call the gplearning helpdesk on 1800 284 789 to register. You will be provided with a username and password.

How can I obtain CPD points with check?

You can obtain six CPD Activity points per check unit by completing the activity via gplearning. Simply complete the unit and answer the 10 MCQs at the completion of the unit. A pass grade requires a score of at least 80%. Points are awarded automatically after the unit is completed online. Points will appear on your CPD statement within two weeks of completion.

There has been a delay in updating new modules of check. We expect to have new modules available in the near future.


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