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Earn CPD hours with check

Last updated 31 October 2023

The check program

check is a CPD learning activity written by expert clinicians and reviewed by subject matter experts. Each unit comprises approximately five clinical cases with answers, followed by 10 MCQs, as well as references and resources.

check is available in hard copy (printed quarterly) and online.

About check

check aims to keep Australian GPs up to date with the most common and most important clinical conditions. While there are many different ways to keep up to date, it is essential for the RACGP to lead in this space, and provide updated, relevant support to GPs in their clinical practice. check seeks to support all GPs, including trainees and those with specific interests, and is a key resource for exam preparation. As such, check has a schedule of units that is informed by data on what the most common conditions are in general practice, and is responsive to those parts of general practice that are changing the most rapidly.

How check works

There will be 11 check units each year. Each unit will comprise approximately five clinical cases, and the choice of cases will cover the broad spectrum of the unit’s topic. Each unit will be led by a GP with an interest and capability in the topic, and they will scope the five different cases for that unit in collaboration with the check team.

Completing a unit of check means members achieve approximately 10 CPD hours (based on two hours per case). Every clinical case included in each unit will follow an agreed standard format, and will carry two CPD hours (one hour of Education Activities and one hour of Reviewing Performance). In addition, each check unit will include one or more suggested topics that meet Measuring Outcomes requirements for CPD.

How can I access check online?

check can be accessed online via gplearning. RACGP members automatically have access to the check program online. To access the activity, simply log in to the RACGP website, click on My Account and then click on the gplearning link. For any technical issues, please call the gplearning helpdesk on 1800 284 789.

For all non-member subscriptions and enquiries please call 1800 331 626 or email check@racgp.org.au

How can I obtain CPD hours with check?

You can obtain CPD Activity hours per check unit by completing the activity via gplearning. Simply complete the unit and answer the 10 MCQs at the completion of the unit. Hours are awarded automatically after the unit is completed online. Hours will appear on your CPD statement within two weeks of completion.


Subscriptions and program information: publications@racgp.org.au
Editorial enquiries: checkproduction@racgp.org.au

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