Introduction to dermoscopy workshop

All you wanted to know but were afraid to ask

Expand your knowledge in the use of dermoscopy in the diagnosis and monitoring of skin lesions.

Dermoscopy is a highly valuable tool for general practitioners in the day to day evaluation of skin lesions.  This workshop provides an introduction and overview of dermoscopy, its benefits and abilities in diagnosing and monitoring skin lesions in general practice. It will provide participants with a firm foundation of knowledge about the skills of dermoscopy and exposure to the ways of identifying structures and types of skin lesion using dermoscopy and the ability to understand the language used in describing skin lesions as seen using dermoscopy.

2022 workshop dates (12.00pm-5.00pm)


3 June 2022

Karstens Sydney


26 August 2022

Karstens Brisbane


21 October 2022

Karstens Melbourne

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Learning Outcomes:

  1. Discuss the role of dermoscopy in skin evaluation in general practice
  2. Explain the process and benefits for evaluating skin lesions under dermoscopy
  3. Develop a structured approach to skin evaluation using and incorporating dermoscopy
  4. Recognise different patterns and changes in skin architecture that may be indicators of skin malignancy using dermoscopy
  5. Improve recognition of skin abnormalities to improve patient outcomes by improving treatment

CPD program approval


Please note:

This workshop is not a compulsory requirement to complete the Certificate of Primary Care Dermatology.


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