Exam eligibility

Exam eligibility for GPE pathway candidates

The exam eligibility requirements for GPE Pathway candidates are detailed in the General Practice Experience Pathway – Exam Eligibility Policy .

It is compulsory for all doctors to have successfully completed Practice Experience Program – Standard Stream , or otherwise have GP recognition with Services Australia prior to enrolment in any RACGP Fellowship exams.

For more information about the GPE pathway, please refer to the Education policy and guidance cross program framework .

Expedited GPE outcome for 2025.1 AKT and KFP enrolment

Applicants who require an expedited GPE application to receive an outcome to enrol into the 2025.1 AKT and KFP must submit a complete application by 5:00pm (AEST) Monday 12 August 2024. This outcome will advise you whether you have met the experience requirements to enrol in the Fellowship exams.

Candidates on the GPE Pathway must have a valid general practice experience assessment outcome to enrol and remain enrolled in the RACGP Fellowship exams.

Applications submitted after this date will not be guaranteed an outcome in time to enrol.

Applicants will be advised of the outcome of their application within ten weeks of submission of a completed application. An application is deemed complete when there is no further feedback to address.

If further information or documentation has been requested, we will endeavour to assess your application before the close of enrolments however, these applications will not be covered by the above guarantee.

For step-by-step instructions on how to complete your GPE application, please read both the Applying for a General Practice Experience Assessment Guidance Document and the Assessment of General Practice Experience Policy .


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