Assessment of General Practice Experience overview


Information for applicants

The General Practice Experience (GPE) Pathway recognises the skills and knowledge acquired via work experience in Australian and/or overseas general practice.

Applicants for the GPE Pathway are required to have their general practice experience assessed. From 1 January 2022, applicants who wish to sit exams on the GPE pathway also need to have completed the Practice Experience Program (PEP). Applicants who meet the exam eligibility requirements of the GPE pathway can sit exams until 2022, but will also need to complete PEP to continue sitting after that.

Extraordinary exception

GPE Pathway candidates affected by the 2020.2 AKT and KFP cancellations* will have a six month extension, and will not be required to complete an RACGP-approved program before continuing to sit the Fellowship exams until 1 July 2022 (2022.2 semester).

For further information, please contact

*affected candidates are those who had a valid enrolment in the 2020.2 AKT and/or KFP as of 9am AEDT Friday 9 October 2020.

Before applying for the pathway you should read the GPE pathway policies including the Assessment of General Practice Experience policy which outlines what the RACGP Assessors take into account when reviewing applications.


Log in to the RACGP website using your existing details or create an RACGP ID account.

Go to the General Practice Experience online application page.

Select what experience you would like to have assessed. If you are working / have only worked overseas, select “Overseas”. If you have worked overseas and in Australia, and would like both assessed, select “Overseas and Australian”. If you only wish to have time worked in general practice in Australia assessed, select “Australian”.

Pay for your assessment. You will need to pay for your assessment before you proceed to the application form. The RACGP accepts Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

General practice assessment fees – From 1 August 2019

Assessment type

Non-Member assessment fees

Member assessment fees

Assessment of overseas general practice experience



Assessment of overseas and Australian general practice experience



Assessment of Australian general practice experience




Complete the general practice experience application. You will have access to the application for six months from the time of payment, but you should be mindful of any other deadlines that may require you to complete the application sooner. You will need to complete all sections to submit the application. Applying for a General Practice Experience Assessment guidance document has step-by-step instructions on completing the application.

Your assessment is reviewed by RACGP staff and then referred for assessment by the RACGP Assessors.

At any point if further information, documentation or clarification is required, you will be contacted via email.

You will be able to log into your application, update your application and resubmit your application.

It can take up to ten weeks from your final submission for your outcome to be ready. Remember, if you have not clicked ‘Submit Application’, the RACGP cannot proceed with your assessment.

Once the assessment is complete you will receive an email with an attachment of your outcome. If you have the met the exam eligibility requirements you will be able to proceed to enrol in the RACGP Fellowship assessments. From 1 January 2022, completion of an RACGP-approved program will become an exam eligibility requirement for the GPE pathway. You can sit exams before this date without completing a program, but to sit an exam from 2022 on the GPE pathway, you will also need to have completed the Practice Experience Program (PEP).

For further information regarding the online GPE application platform, call 1800 626 901 or email