RACGP examiners

Completing the RACGP Fellowship examinations is an important milestone towards a career in general practice

RACGP examinations assess competence to practice as an unsupervised and specialist general practitioner anywhere in Australia and are a pathway to Fellowship of the RACGP (FRACGP).

While the RACGP has an active and experienced group of examiners to call upon, there is always a need to expand and broaden the pool. As examiners, RACGP Fellows have the opportunity to contribute to the positive development of their profession by utilising their vast knowledge for the benefit of Australian general practice. Examiners are engaged by the RACGP and work with their peers to test candidate knowledge and proficiency in an exam setting.

RACGP examiners become qualified through training and, as a group, they help to maintain the high standard of the RACGP examinations. RACGP examiners are active in Australian general practice and have first-hand knowledge of the nature and culture within it. Their contribution is highly valued and ensures RACGP examinations remain valid and relevant to a continually evolving general practice environment.

Examiners must maintain membership of the RACGP throughout their time working in this capacity.

The role of an examiner

Examiners are pivotal to the ongoing development and success of the Fellowship Examinations and the award of Fellowship of the RACGP (FRACGP), which represents excellence in general practice.

Examiners utilise their knowledge and skills by:

  • Testing knowledge and proficiency of candidates at RACGP clinical examination.
  • Exercising expertise while working alongside peers to assess the competency of candidates in test conditions.

Reasons to be involved

Contributing to the RACGP examinations is a valuable accomplishment for a Fellow of the RACGP (FRACGP). In addition, examiners:

  • receive educational opportunities to ensure you have up-to-date medical knowledge
  • experience a high level of collegiality and professional pride.

Interested in becoming an examiner?

You must fulfil these criteria to apply:

  • hold current financial membership of the RACGP
  • hold Fellowship (two or more years)
  • be in good standing
  • hold current and unrestricted AHPRA medical registration
  • be CPD compliant
  • be confident with tech (video conferencing, screen sharing, email, web portals)
  • be able to declare any conflicts of interest (perceived or actual)
  • Preferable - have medical education / training / assessment experience

Notice regarding exams

The RACGP has announced that the Objective Structured Clinical Exam (OSCE) will no longer run in its previous format. The 2020.1, 2020.2 and 2021.1 OSCEs have been replaced by the Remote Clinical Exam (RCE) due to the COVID-19 global pandemic. The first RCE was held in October/November 2020 and the 2020.2 RCE will be held in March 2021. An updated clinical assessment is being developed for delivery late 2021.

Expression of interest

No current intakes open.