Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

Learn more about selection interviews

Multiple Mini Interviews (MMIs)

Learn more about selection interviews

Last updated 6 June 2024

Interview format

Interviews are held online in the format of multiple mini-interviews, where you will be asked five different questions by five different interviewers.

You will have up to 2 minutes reading time and 8 minutes response time for each question.

You should allow up to 2 hours to participate in the interview.

Interview dates

You’re only required to attend on one date. You’ll be sent instructions on how to book in for interviews after your eligibility has been assessed. 

If you require any assistance, please contact us on

Dates Times (AEST)
Monday 27 May 2024 – Wednesday 5 June 2024 9am, 11am, 1pm, 3pm, 5pm

*Dates and times are subject to availability.

Dates and times for second intake interviews will be available prior to applications opening.

Preparing for your interview

Each interview question is based on one of the five domains of general practice. Included will be a question that has a focus on Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander health, as well as a question with a rural context.

The criteria against which the question will be marked are based on some of the core competency outcomes in each domain. Some of the criteria may come from other domains if relevant. For the sample question below the criteria are mainly from Domain 1 but also from Domain 4 (4.2.2).

Below are some resources to help you prepare:

Online preparation

As the interviews take place online, you will need to ensure you:

  • are undertaking the interview in a quiet space, free from disruptions, with no other people in the room
  • have access to two forms of internet (i.e. wifi and hotspot)
  • are on a computer with Zoom already installed
  • have access to a computer with a microphone and camera. You must be able to be easily heard, your face must be clearly able to be seen and not far away from the camera. You must also be able to hear and see the interviewer’s screen.
  • do not use a Zoom background (image or blurred) as they are not permissible.
We strongly encourage you to undertake a Zoom test on the device you will be using well in advance of your interview to: 
  • ensure Zoom is installed on your computer 
  • check your video 
  • check your audio.  

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