Application documents

AGPT Rural Generalist Policy - Guidance

A guidance document for opting in or out of training under the RG Policy in the AGPT Program.

Guidance (PDF 511 KB)

AGPT Rural Generalist policy

The purpose of this Policy is to provide guidance for registrars seeking to train as Rural Generalists through the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Program.

Policy (PDF 57 KB)

Guidelines for applicants with Conditions and/or Undertakings

These guidelines have been developed to assist applicants with conditions and/or undertakings on their General Medical Registration.

Factsheet (PDF 260 KB)

Statutory declaration – temporary visa holder

This statutory declaration is for applicants who are FGAMS on a Temporary Skills Shortage (TSS) 482 visa, 457, 494 or 491 visa subclass who need to declare General registration and permanent residency status as required.

Statutory declaration(PDF 213 KB)

Statutory declaration – other training program

This statutory declaration is to be used for applicants who are currently enrolled in another specialist vocational training program to confirm. Completion and submission of this form indicates that you acknowledge that you are required to withdraw prior to commencement of training in the AGPT program (if successful in gaining an AGPT training position).

Statutory declaration (PDF 222 KB)

Statutory declaration – name change

This statutory declaration is to be used for applicants who have differing names on their supporting documentation as part of their AGPT eligibility application.

 Statutory declaration (PDF 94 KB)

Authorised representative form

Applicants who wish to authorise another representative (person or organisation) to enquire on their behalf in regards to their AGPT application.

Form (PDF 166 KB)