Changes to exams

Exam changes, policies and privacy

The RACGP strives to deliver the exams as published, however, in limited circumstances it will need to make changes to the delivery and format of an exam, postpone an exam or even cancel an exam. For example, the RACGP cannot run an exam when enrolment numbers are insufficient to achieve statistically reliable outcomes.

In these circumstances, the RACGP is not liable to candidates for any damages, costs, losses or expenses of any kind incurred or suffered in connection with the exams.


See relevant procedures and policies for Fellowship exam candidates which include:


Prior to submitting your enrolment, you will be asked to declare that you have read and understood the policies as part of the terms of enrolment in Fellowship exams.


The RACGP has a Privacy policy that reflects recent changes in Federal and State Privacy legislation. Prior to submitting your exam enrolment, you will be asked to declare that you have read and understood the privacy statement as part of the terms of enrolment in the RACGP Fellowship exams.


  • Audits will be undertaken to verify the accuracy of information provided online, and supporting documentation may be requested;
  • All information entered on the online enrolment system must be true and correct. Provision of false or misleading information will be handled as per in accordance with the Academic Misconduct Policy;
  • Candidates are able to enrol in one exam segment and return at a later date (within the applicable enrolment period) to enrol in another exam segment;
  • If you have a result pending for an exam segment you cannot enrol in that same segment until your results are released;
  • Payments are only accepted by credit card for exams, and candidates receive an immediate receipt of payment via email;
  • Confirmation of enrolment is provided immediately via email upon successful enrolment. If a confirmation email is not received, contact the RACGP immediately.