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Fellowship of the RACGP

The Fellowship of the Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (FRACGP) is a specialist general practice qualification accredited by the Australian Medical Council.

While general practice is a recognised medical specialty, not all medical practitioners working as general practitioners (GPs) in Australia hold a specialist general practice qualification. The attainment of the FRACGP signifies that a GP has been assessed as competent across the core skills of general practice enabling him or her to practice safely, unsupervised, anywhere in Australia. In short, the FRACGP denotes safe, specialised, high-quality general practice care.

The core skills of general practice are defined in two key RACGP Education documents:

There are multiple pathways to achieving the FRACGP. The requirements of each pathway are detailed in the Fellowship Pathways Policy Framework.

The Fellowship pathways are underpinned by the RACGP Standards for General Practice Training. The standards describe the expected outcomes of a quality and safe training program, and are the benchmark which all training providers are monitored and accredited against. The standards cover: supervision and the practice environment; education and training/teaching; and assessment.