About the PEP

All you need to know about the program – PEP Specialist stream

The PEP is an Australian Medical Council (AMC) accredited specialist general practitioner education program and is supported by the Australian Government’s Stronger Rural Health Strategy.

Once allocated a place in the program, applicants will be assigned to an appropriate training organisation. This will be based on the applicant's practice location and the RTO/RVTS capacity. There will be a pre-determined number of places available with each RTO and RVTS. Please note the program is designed for Doctors working in MMM2 to MMM7 areas, for more information, read our FAQs.

Program duration of supervised practice and Fellowship requirements will be determined by your comparability outcome. Substantially comparable doctors are required to achieve Fellowship within 12 months FTE of work in the approved job. Partially comparable doctors are required to achieve Fellowship within 24 months FTE of work in the approved job (this includes successful completion of the RACGP Fellowship exams). Part time hours are taken into consideration and the program duration can be altered accordingly.

From 1 September 2019, the PEP Specialist Stream replaced the Specialist Recognition Program (SRP). After this date, the RACGP no longer awards Fellowship ad eudum gradum. Specialist International Medical Graduates (SIMGs) working towards Fellowship on the PEP Specialist Stream will be issued a PEP 3GA provider number by the RACGP. For more information, view the PEP Specialist Stream FAQs.

PEP Specialist Stream factsheet flowchart