Caring for adult patients with post-COVID-19 conditions

Supporting patients after acute COVID-19 illness

Managing patients

While evidence regarding the spectrum of post-COVID-19 illness and management is evolving, data suggests the incidence of post-COVID-19 conditions is between 10-80%, with the incidence of prolonged illness significantly increasing with age, comorbidities and severity of the acute illness.

This guide contains information for general practitioners (GPs) who are providing care for adult patients who have previously tested positive to COVID-19 or have a history suggestive of undiagnosed COVID-19 and have – or are at risk of – post-COVID-19 conditions.

This document is generic, interim guidance and should be used to support any local or other more contemporaneous advice, acknowledging that in this rapidly changing pandemic environment, uncertainties remain in our understanding of the sequelae of COVID-19 and its management.

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